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BIOLA IGE: How Nollywood Practitioners Killed The Career Of “OWN STAR”.

Biola Ige.
I was in Abuja recently and on my way back, I saw from afar, someone that looked like Nollywood actor, Biola Ige covered up with a headgear down to her shoulders and I was wondering when she became an Hausa or even a Muslim lady to be specific and I decided to move a bit closer to be sure whom I thought I was seeing was the person.

And yes, as I moved closer, I became more curious as the person had a very tick “Sun-Shade” on at the departure lounge of the Abuja airport and so, my curiousity expanded and I was waiting for her to make a move or stand to go use either the ladies or something like that and that never happened.

The person had herself stock to her seat and I in particular wasn’t ready to loose sight of her, so, I stayed-put waiting for either my flight to be announced or hers, and then, hers came first and the struggle started for her. Her main issue was how to stand and walk down to the boarding area unnoticed.

As she was struggling with standing up, her covered-up neck exposed and I saw a very bad neck that shocked me. Yes, I knew she had something we all thought was GOITRE when I first saw her somewhere in Ajao Estate, but it was growing then and her fear was operating it and dying in the process.

We were told she had gone to India after sometime to operate on it and that it was successful, but what I saw at the airport looked like a reoccurance or refurphacing of the same issue she had taken care of and I felt very sad for her.

Well, as she walked out to join other passangers, I called her name and she turned and I greeted her and in her polite manner, she removed her tick Sun-Shade (won in an enclosed environment) to greet me properly and I saw that her eyes too were swollen (even though she has naturally bulgy eyeballs) but the ones I saw weren’t the same as I knew she had.

I couldn’t take my mind off her case and so, I did a little investigation into the matter and discovered that Biola Ige had been quoted to have accused fellow actor, Tonto Dike of being responsible for her predication even as other findings has it that she may have been poisoned by others in the industry who didn’t like the fact that she was rising a bit more faster than they, being a Yoruba lady who according to them had come from nowhere to take their shine off them and so, they had to do something very quickly to take her completely out of the market. The alleged accusation by her on Tonto Dike was later debunked and trashed.

Further investigations show that this kind of practise is graduall becoming a big trend in Nollywood where majority of our actors for fear of being poisened, refuse to eat food given to them on locations and one wonders why anyone would plan to or even execute such a wicked act against another, especially in an industry where no single person can act in all the movies or take all the acting jobs available.

We therefore pray that Biola Ige recovers fully and return back to her love, acting as we, her fans are eagerly waiting to have her back on her feet again.

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