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Entertainer, “OGBOLOR” Does A Major Throw-Back, Remembers Days of Humble Beginning.

One of Nigerian entertainment industry’s brightest stars, Michael Uba has recently come out to show the world how his journey in the entertainment industry started.

In a major throw-back recently, Ogbolor as he is popularly known remembered the days when he had to beg a printer friend of his to help print him a complimentary card, which happened to be very first as he tried to break even in the system.

THROWBACK 2017….My first ever complimentary card, humbly beginning. A year after I professionally started standup comedy, big suit, fat tie, and broke. Had to beg for this card to be made with my little change……God bless you peter (referring to the guy who printed the card for him).
We all have our stories. I didn’t get here by mistake or luck. Its been years of putting in work mixed with God’s grace. Discover yourself, train yourself, invest in yourself, re-invent yourself and make sure you empty yourself before you leave this earth.

Whatever struggles u’re going through right now isn’t new, it’s part of your own story…one day you will tell your own story too and it will encourage or inspire someone out there. Just keep putting in work… for me, its just the beginning, you ant seen nothing yet, he concluded.

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