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HILARIOUS: 2face Idibia Gets "STATUE" In Imo State.

In Imo State, AKPUOLA GI is the new song on everyone's lips as greeting to make caricature of the governors building of statues of those he called African leader, adorning auspicious spaces in the state capital, Owerri.

Trust my people not to carry last, indigenes of the state have all taken it upon themselves to remove the heads of those already standing and replace them with whoever they wish graphically and her is the one they made for music legend, 2face Idibia.

Funny you might say, but o alot of them, it pushes the fact that they are completely dissatisfy wit h some of the policies of the Rochas Okorocha led government and their only way of venting their frustration is by making mockery of these policies.


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