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Imo State Of Unending Comedy By Kelechi Deca.

I am angry at those who have been busy taking potshot and castigating those who said that Imo State governor created a Ministry of Happiness and Purpose (Couples) Fulfillment.

I am not going to dwell on the argument of whether it was "Purpose or Couples" Fulfillment. This is because those who have been taking journalists to the cleaners since yesterday maintained that no such Ministry was created.

This stand invalidates whether it is 'Purpose or Couples Fulfillment" because facts have emerged to prove that such Ministry was indeed created.

The Imo State Commissioner for Information Mr. Nnamdi Obiaraeri was on Channels TV yesterday to justify and defend the need for such a Ministry in Imo State. Visit his Facebook Wall for details of why the Governor created that all important Ministry..

Then there are those who in their hurried bid to gloss over the mess, said that  the governor jokingly made allusions to the creation of such a Ministry. That he never meant it. This camp are angry at the journalists for focusing on 'a joke' instead of the real thing. Any journalist worth his calling who failed to focus on such expensive 'joke' should be fired, or have his BTA withdrawn for a month. The joke is the story, that is the meat of the story.

Now that Imo State has become a joke

Talking about jokes. If you know Okorocha and his governance style, you will know that he governs Imo State like a joke. There has not been any policy pronouncement from him that was not made as a joke.

I visited the Governor in the company of a friend sometime in 2014 to discuss on a project we think should be to the benefit of the region, and how he can help market it to other governors. I was shocked that he received us not in his office, but at a place with thatched rafiapalms roof called Bush Bar.

He told us that he does all his official work from the Bush Bar, that he can't remember how many times he sat on his desk, in his office. The Bush Bar had all the accessories of a well stocked bar, with bar maids, waiters, and all sorts of drinks and good music.

I saw some of his commissioners, and almost all his personal assistants hanging around, either drinking, eating or back slapping one another. What a way to work?

The governor takes his lunch there like an emperor with his assistants either holding the cup or helping him with cutlery.

That was where the business of government was conducted from.

That was where ideas are conceived and executed.

After that visit and the developments that followed across the State, it dawned on me why Imo State has such quality of governance.

Probably the idea of the erection of statues, pyramid of birthday cakes, constructing the tallest Christmas tree, owning pensioners, running down education, poor infrastructure and ofcourse a Ministry of Happiness and Purpose Fulfillment all had the trademark of alcohol influenced ideas and maybe they were all birthed at the Bush Bar.

Is it not said that best brains are preserved in alcohol?

Ndi Imo, ihula ihe unu mere onwe unu eeee
Ihula ihe unu mere onwe unu eeee
Ihula ihe unu mere onwe unu public assault n' okporo korota no n'ama Owerre......

If you are from Imo State, mark the dates: from 18th to 24th December, the mother of all march against Rochas Okorocha will take place in Owerri......

We have done it before, we will do it again.

Agbara kpawa ike anyi agwa ya oshishi ejiri piaa ya....

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