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Kate Henshew, Stella Damasus, Falling Right Back In Love Again.

Kate & Stella.
These two gorgeous ladies were the envy of women in the entertainment industry in both Nigeria and in Africa as they showcased such friendship and love that was rare in the sector they operate in, little did we know that the devil was waiting for just a little misunderstanding between them and things went seriously sour.

Stella Damasus and Kate Henshew attended all the social events together, were seen never apart from each other, shared family love and friendship together, but one day, THINGS FAIL APART between them and THE CENTRE COULD NOT HOLD any-longer and the bitterness started from there.

Well, as popularly believed, there are just two things that could scatter friendships and they are, MONEY or WOMEN/MEN and in this case, it was a man that strained the relationship between Kate and Stella.
Though Stella used to dance for Sammie Okposo, the man believed to the reason for their falling apart, it isn't clear if they were or had dated, but the news was that one accused the other of snatching Sammie from her and the issue was shoot out of proportion and enmity set in.

Kate Henshew sometime this year during the birthday of Stella took the bull by its horn to write Stella a fantastic piece celebrating her and telling her how much she missed her and that was the starting of the rekindling of love between them again.

Just yesterday, Stella wrote on her IG page and Kate came on to response with Stella firing back with a love message in appreciation.

WOW, some of us really can't wait for them to return as they were before this fight, especially when the man on whose premise the fight ensued in the first place has moved on with a new wife and family.

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