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Commodore Jamila Marafa.
Meet the first female General in the history of Nigerian from Northern part of Nigeria, as she was decorated on Monday by the Nigerian Navy with her new rank of Commodore, the equivalent of a Brigadier General in the Army, making her the first female from the North to become a ONE-STAR General and she is, Navy Captain Jamila Marafa.

The Chief of Policy and Plans (COPP), Navy Headquarters Abuja, Rear Admiral Henry Babalola said it is a thing of pride to attain the rank of a Commodore in the Navy, and there are a few women that have attained such heights here.

He noted that going by her profile, the Navy exposed her to a lot of trainings and courses during her career both home and abroad, capping it up with the prestigious MNI and her elevation should serve as an inspiration to women in the Navy and in Nigeria to know that there is no limits to how far they can go in life if they put their minds at it.

In her response, Commodore Marafa opined that her promotion has inspired her to be more loyal and dedicated to her duties to the Nigerian Navy and Nigeria in general, as this is just a challenge to be more focused in what I do for my country.

COMMODORE Jamila Marafa was born in 1965 in Gombi Local Government Area of Adamawa State and she joined the Nigerian Navy in 1988 and was commissioned a midshipman in 1990.

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