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Nollywood Actor, Mary Ann Apollo Celebrates Birthday, Recounts God's Blessings That Are Unquantifiable.

Mary Ann Apollo.
Fantastic and fabulously blessed Nollywood Actor, Mary Ann Apollo was a year old yesterday, the 10th of December, the day of the Lord 2017 and was very elated to have seen not only another year, but with all the blessings that came with the year.

The actor who is also a servant of the Lord stated that though year 2017 was very challenging with all the economic intrigues that was associated with it, it is eminent to note that God has been faithful to His own across boards with provisions for our desires, wants and needs made available for by the Holy Ghost when we need them and that is what is important.
According to her, "I must confess very candidly that God has shown me love beyond my own very imagination in the year 2017, though with its very challenges economically, but I am a living testimony and I am not known to eat the blessings of God and refuse to talk about them".

The gift of life alone, Mary Ann says, is more than anyone can comprehend, for whatever it is we want in life, without LIFE, we can't achieve them, for only the living can count blessings and I am proud to count mine and I am also naming them ONE by ONE.

I would also like to appreciate my friends and fans all over the world who took time out to celebrate me, the little me, leaving their wives, husbands, children, work and businesses to celebrate me on all the Social Media platforms. Chai. It can only be God.

Thanks all guys, I am thoroughly embarrassed by your show of love towards me and each day I ask myself what I may have done to merit this kind of love from you guys.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Mary Ann says.

From all of us at "Precious Eze's Blog", we celebrate our own darling, Mary Ann Apollo, veteran actor and preacher of the word of God, wishing you a happy birthday.

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