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Nollywood & Nollywood, As Two Practitioners, "Akachi Max" Engages "Lovelyn Charles".

Sincerely, if anyone ask me, I would boldly say that this is the best of times for Nollywood practitioners, especially some of them operating from the eastern region of the country, with all the good news coming out from them at this end of the year.

From Somadina Adinma, to Chizzy Alichi, to Ken Erics, to Tim Ebuka, to Omalicha, just name them, the testimonies emanating from that region has been massive.

Awards upon awards, I mean, these guys are simply making some of us who hitherto didn't believe anything good would come out Asaba, very proud.
Akachi and Lovelyn.
Latest amongst these testimonies is the engagement between Akachi Max and Lovelyn Charles, both practitioners in the industry but operating in their various expertise.

The engagement, done in the open and in the presence of some of their colleagues took the lady by surprise as expected and it was a sight to behold as can be seen in the video here attached.

Congratulations to them.

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