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NOLLYWOOD: Will Fred and Agatha Amata Remain Separated Forever?

Fred and Agatha Amata.
It's 11 years since the marriage between Nollywood actor and current President of Association of Movie Producer, AMP, Mr. Fred Amata and the CEO/MD of Rave TV, Mrs. Agatha Amata broke and the two went their separate ways, with Agatha retaining Fred's surname as all they had was simply separation and not divorce.

It is expected that when two people fight, they makeup after sometime, especially two people who had shared professed love as husband and wife, but the case between Fred and Agatha baffles us, being that they have refused to come back together, meaning the issue that sent them going their separate ways are much more than we were told.
Fred and Agatha with their son at his graduation in London.
Though with the two of them still very much single and with Fred's failed relationships after leaving his wife, it won't be shocking if the both of them reconcile in the nearest future, but leaving as husband and wife, would be a hard nut to crack.

In a statement last year, Agatha was quoted to have opined that she preferred her single life now, as she has dedicated herself to making sure her brands, Rave TV and InsideOut moves forth to remain two of the best in the industry and not even a relationship can come in-between that decision of hers.

It will be our joy to have them back, but we strongly believe that Agatha Amata is farrrr better now than she was and this is without sounding immodest, as she has grown more beautiful, successful and more mature in all spheres of life.

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