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ON ‘’Banky W’’ AND ‘’Skin Cancer’’??

Banky W.
For days, I had tried to avoid this topic, especially when it came to me when the heat of his wedding with Adesua was on, to the extent that I had to discuss it with a few friends, thinking they would write about it, but noticed they all avoided this topic like a plague.

A few days ago, I reported the death of our DARLING Madam ‘’Sefinatu Muhammed’’ and even though I knew she had for a very long time, suffered an acute health challenge associated her bleaching lifestyle, I couldn’t summon up the courage enough to write about the Banky W’s issue side because, there was no how I would have written about Banky without associating it with her and I just did. Pardon Me.

Here, we don’t talk ill of the dead.

When the news of Banky’s surgery broke and the fact that it was his second surgery for the same health issue, SKIN CANCER, I sincerely did not think about BLEACHING as one of the reasons anyone would have SKIN CANCER because to me, I saw the flawless skin of Banky W as being natural and never thought it could be fake, after-all, WETIN BANKY WAN BLEACH FOR?
Though, even as I write, I’m still not sure he BLEACHES, but one of the comments on the thread of the post I made on Madam Sefinatu Muhammed’s death got me thinking very seriously and I would like to ask some questions.

What exactly causes SKIN CANCER?

If it is the EROSION OF THE SKIN, then, what cause the EROSION OF THE SKIN??
The report had it that Banky W had gone under the knife twice for the same skin issue and I’m wondering, what is it that would have eroded his skin soo bad that it became CANCEROUS??
Please, does ‘’BANKY W’’ really BLEACH??

Or, what exactly is the cause of his SKIN CANCER?

I rest this here for now!!

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