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Mr. Ortom, Benue State Governor.
Civil servants and all other people in Benue are suffering. Everything has run to a standstill because the state is not paying its workers salaries.

I went to my village on Friday 8th December 2017. I met a cousin of mine on bicycle preparing to go to the farm. I innocently asked why he was not going to work (he is a secondary school teacher) He gave me a look which suggested as if I was mocking him. He said the last salary he received was that of December 2016. I was stunned.

I entered my compound and met my Aunt with some small children (four of them) that did not look familiar. She said her in-law (her daughter's husband) who is also a civil servant, brought the children and dumped them on her with a sad tale. They have no food to eat.
Judiciary workers in Benue have been on strike for long over unpaid salary. They were paid last in May 2017.

Now, Benue state is not an industrial state.The state survives on salaries paid to workers.
Right now the state is comatose. Children are at home, sent home for school fees that parents cannot pay.

The farming season received small yield because there was no money to use in farming.
Unless something like a miracle happens in Benue soon, there will be a catastrophe of high magnitude. I am not joking.

Since the Shagari era when the late Aper Aku was governor of the state, we have had no other good leadership. Reverend Father Moses Adasu was a bit better than all the other thieves and looters that followed.

I just think something is wrong with issue of leadership as far as the North Central states are concerned. I think its high time the youths take the destiny of the state into their hands.
I am seriously thinking of something.

If you are a young person from the North Central states, this serves as a call up to action. Let's put heads together and save the future of our children.


Emmanuel Ochum.

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