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#ONYE-IGBA : "Romeo Max", The Newest Kid In The Nigerian Music Scene.

#OnyeIgba as he is fondly called, Romeo Max is an indeginous “Igbo” rap sensation who is carving a niche for himself as a young man who is determined to break even with Igbo Rap, a trend a few musicians go into.

Romeo Max.
He hails from Aguleri in Anambra State, born and grew up in Onitsha, Romeo saw the need to pursue his music career and decided to move to Lagos, Nigeria’s entertainment hub and today, he is gradually breaking-through and as it stands and with the songs of his I had listened to, he is evidently the best in Rap, especially in the usage of Igbo Langauge, as he is widely known for his fluent use of the famous language and his ability to navigate songs through and with it.

Romeo Max is the musician to watch.

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