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PATIENCE OZOKWOR: The Double Lifestyle Of Veteran Actor And Her Claim Of Being BORN-AGAIN.

Patience Ozokwor in The Wedding Party 2.
A few days ago I was in a discussion with someone over appearances of people who claim to be more Christians, or what we call “Born-Again” than others over their physical outlooks, which they think represents them more as Christians.

In Nollywood today, a lot of our actors, male and female are giving their lives to God (supposedly) for various reasons, some for financial stability, as the movies are no longer coming as they used to, others for genuine reasons, but the focus here is our darling Mama G, THE GENERAL, who about two years ago announced that she had turned a new leaf, given her life to God and have had a compete change of lifestyle, included with a change in her appearance.

Personally for me as a Christian, I believe very strongly that if I cannot go to Church same way I appear in my house or at parties, then I am a big time hypocrite. This is my personal conviction.

So, when Mummy Patience Ozokwor announced her change of life, lifestyle and appearance, some of us wondered what would happen to her acting career? It is a known fact that actors do a lot of make-ups, ornaments, etc, which became of great concern to me and I was looking forward to seeing her appear with her recent look in movies without the added packages included with make-up in Nollywood.

Well, the shocker for me was when the announcement came that Mummy Patience Ozokwor had been chosen as a member of cast of the Mo Abudu and Ebony Life’s movie, The Wedding Party 2, which is one of the biggest movies of year 2017 and my wait started, to see what she would look like in the movie and as I suspected, I wasn’t disappointed.
The new Patience Ozokwor.
 The first picture attached here is her promo pics for the movie and having seen a few clips of the Wedding Party 2, I am very convinced that HYPOCRICY and DOUBLE STANDDARD/DOUBLE LIFESTYLE is playing a great deal in the life of our veteran actor, Patience Ozokwor.

If you have given your life to Christ and have denounced your previous ways, which included the wearing of trousers, make-ups, earrings, necklaces, painting of nails etc, only for you to get a movie role and you agree to have make-up on with earrings and necklaces just for the movie, THEN WHAT AND WHO ARE YOU?

Shouldn’t mummy Patience Ozokwor reject any movie role that would see or have her wear or adorn those things that will make her appear like a sinner, since the wearing of earrings, make-up, necklaces and trousers now show you are a sinner in Christianity?

Why appear HOLY in real life and appear like a sinner in movies? When exactly did Christianity get to the level of using appearance to judge who a BORN-AGAIN is? What exactly does God look at, PHYSICAL APPEARANCE or THE HEART?
The Born-Again appearance of Patience Ozokwor.
A few female actors like Mary Ann Apollo, Winifred Ugwu-Iwunze, Eucharia Anunobi, Liz Benson have come out to proclaim publicly their various calls to serve God and non among them have had their appearances change, so, why Patience Ozokwor?

Truthfully, I get completely disappointed when I see and feel hypocrisy amongst people who are supposed to be our role models, especially when they display total disregard to stability of character.

Why appear a different person in real life with your claim of being BORN-AGAIN and appear like a SINNER (that is, if the wearing of earrings and necklaces makes one a SINNER) when in movies? What exactly is the point in the first place denouncing the same SINNERS ORIENTED appearances you go back to whenever you get a movie script?

I say NO to double lifestyle.
You’re either WHITE or BLACK. Once you start being white and black at the same time, then something is wrong with your calling.

Consequently, I feel Mummy Patience Ozokwor has not totally gotten the full grasp of what her calling is in the first place and it is not encouraging to discerning minds who know what is wrong from what is right.

Written by Precious Eze.

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