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The Importance Of Youths In The Politics And Democracy Of Present Day Nigeria, By Comrade Ogunolu Samsideen Opeyemi.

Ogunolu Samsideen Opeyemi.
The important of Nigeria youths in Nigeria politics is to participate in democracy and nation building. Nigeria youths have been a critical partner in the struggle aptly recorded during previous change of government from the colonial era up to our independent in 1960 and even till date. Then the likes of Awolowo, Nnamdi Azikiwe, Tafa Balewa and others, they were all involve in Nigeria politics.

Keywords – Nigeria youths, Democracy, Mobilization, Politics and Political stability.

Barrack Obama: Obama defined youths as a meaningful, youthful person under various law, conventions and culture, who are within the age of 13 and 44 years old. The united nation recognize August 12th of each year as the international youths day. Youth of the nation are the trustee of the posterity.
The survival of the political system has been depend on the role of youths in participatory democratic platforms which allowed all groups regardless of their position to articulated anticipate and negotiate their interest in the national policy.

The role of youths  in the  Nigeria’s current Democratic Experience.

Nigeria has celebrated 13 years of uninterrupted democratic rule in year 2012. that democratic license was received on platter of gold. But through resilient struggles and undaunted patriotic commitments of Nigerians particularly the unseen youths. The historic contributions of individuals and organizations, press, civil society, labour and pro-democratic movements like NADECO, CDHR and CLO in sending the military back to their barracks is worthy of mention.
One of the major achievements participatory democratic  process where the tested vibrancy of the youths have played significant factors is the emergence of Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan because youths want someone that fall in youths bracket age to take over.  A Nigerian citizen of minority tribe, as the Nigeria’s president.

A good pointer to this fact suffices in the impact of the public engagement of our youths through the NYSC scheme (National Youth Service Corps). The youth corps was mobilized to serve in all constituencies to ensure strict observance of electoral processes with a view  to prevents all forms of electoral frauds & manipulations celebrated youthful individuals and leaders  who participated in the democratic process either as members of the civil society or within groups that mounted pressures on dictorial and unpopular regimes, through their activities at different times between 1960 and the last few year include: Professor Wole Soyinka, Professor  Bala Usman, Late Professor Awojobi, Late Chief Bola Ige, Late Chief Akin Omoboriowo, Rev. Father  Mathew Kukah, Aare Bishop Okogie, Late Chief Gani Fawehinmi, Late Dr Beko Ransome  Kuti, Late Fela Anikulapo Kuti, Mr Lanre Arogundade, Dr Kayode Fayemi, Chief Gani Adams, Barrister Femi Falana, Barrister  Bamidele  Aturh (Late) and Barrister  Opeyemi Bamidele to mention a few.

To enable Nigeria youths to effectively participate in various political activities and to be empowered for future leadership roles, the government, political leaders and party institutions should be able to identify leading youths leaders and activities as well as political conscious and interested young persons  in various communities who can be brought together  through different form to participate in political activities and be groomed for future roles.

A successful mobilization of we youths require
Strategic planning to bring us together into one fold and then include all of us in planning processes to reduce frictions and conflicts of interests and ideas
Build and expand the team by identifying key leaders who knows the issues better and who can deliver goods to mount and lead campaigns across the constituencies.
3.      Stay in touch with the citizens and reach out to important members of the opinion public who can sway or influence public support favorably to your advantage from the churches to mosque, schools and business environment trade & guides.

Youth programs across a broad spectrum of objectives should be pursued.
Youth development and empowerment
Youths engagement in the civic process
Academic enrichment and mentoring through after school programs
Making youth programs more accessible and preventing youth delinquency and substance abuse.

LEADERSHIP: before delving into the issue of leadership, it is necessary to make certain what a leader is. The definition of a Leader:-is as diverse as the myriad of books and articles written on the construct. This is because each writer has defined leadership from a different perspective.

* Instrumental leader
* The societal leader.

This is a selfish type that uses power and influence primarily the pursuit of private (personal chose family cohorts) goals. Community objectives are secondary to an instrumental leader.

This is a selfless type that serves first and only secondary private and selfish goals, the societal leader subordinates private narrow foals for broader community objectives for instrumental leader power and influence are imported only if they can be use to solve human problems while societal leaders like to resign when he is convinced he cannot influence changes to the benefit of the public.

A good leader must see him/herself as a servant
You must have the feeling of public than personal
You must always ask yourself why God put you in this position, am I there to serve people or the fear of God  in you in order not to misbehave and mislead
A good leader must be tested and trusted in all ramifications
A good leader must be reliable, virtuous. Leaders are persons of honesty, integrity, and trust.

The youths are the spirit of patriotic flavours, the dynamic engine of life and the bedrock of charity in any nation. They are the followers of today and the leaders of tomorrow. Hence, we owe them a great duty to do everything our ability to inculcate the culture of good leadership, selfless and patriotic service, spirit of understanding and of good neighborliness in them so that our tomorrow can be better than our today, posterity cannot forgive us if we fail to aggregate specific roles to our youths when determining our expectations of them and their obligations to the society. We build our tomorrow on what today presents. There are many leadership types and each has peculiar attributes two are most common in the political system.

The youths are the spirit of patriotic flavours the dynamic engine of life and the bedrock of unity in any nation. We are the flowers of today and leaders of today not tomorrow.

Infact, now is the high  time for young voters to step up to the podium and let political candidate know that they can no longer ignore the concerns of young people youth should get educated, get registered and ensure that future generations will always have voice. National Youths Assembly of Nigeria (NYAN) should aim at providing education, research and the promotion of a fair and just society. Youth Association of Nigeria (YAN) should also engage in exchange of knowledge and expertise that would strengthen their participation in building democratic processes.

Finally, we appreciate the Senate President, Dr Bukola Saraki and the entire members of the senate for the bills passed most especially “NOT TO YOUNG TOO RULE” that has been approved in the ongoing constitution amendment but we want to advise them that they should also work on proper implementation strictly and sincerely for us to fully rely on the constitution after its final approval.

SPEAKER, National Youth Assembly of Nigeria, Osun State Chapter.

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