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2015 in Nigeria was a year when there was huge conglomeration of what I would refer to as “THE CONSENT” for the very first time of all Nigerians who unanimously came out to declare what they wanted and pursued it to a logical conclusion, demanding for the removal of one and the enthronement of another.

It is now on record in the history of Nigeria that the two most popular men of 2015 broke records, one, for being the first sitting president in Nigeria’s history to be defeated and the other, THE VERY FIRST TO DEFEAT A SITTING PRESIDENT FROM A MINORITY PARTY IN NIGERIA and that was made possible because Nigerians took the decision to take charge and for the first time, be in control of what goes on at the national level and truly, we showed control.

The winning margin between former president Goodluck Jonathan and current president Muhammadu Buhari was 15 to 12 and even if today some of our expectations of Buhari are not being met as expected, there is hope in the fact that we are still in charge and can still employ the same magic we used in 2015 and remove whoever is not giving us exactly what we, as Nigerians bargained for.

Therefore, as year 2017 is gradually climaxing, and ushering in 2018, which is supposed to bring the noise of election around us, let us as Nigerians remember that we are not only in charge, but in control of our constitutionally given powers

to make choices that would shape our tomorrow and the tomorrow of our children unborn.

foresee therefore, a repeat of what happened in 2015, as I am of the strongest opinion that Nigerians are not only wiser, but aware of their rights and privileges and would use same if situation remains the way they are right now.

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