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Akinwunmi Ambode Has Silenced The Opposition In Lagos With Performance -------Yetunde Arobieke.

Ambode & Yetunde Arobieke.
Otunba Yetunde Arobieke is one politician in Lagos who scares me with her intelligence and mastery of the English word that you can hardly fault her opinion in any issue, regardless of how how deep and how complicated the issues are.

Being one of the most vocal and truthful grassroot politicians of our time in Lagos, when she says a thing, I sink it in with great passion because, having known this woman for over 14 years, she has remained the same, very upright and without pride.

So, recently, she spoke on the performance of the governor of Lagos State, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode whom she described as the "PARAMETER" by which other 35 state governors are measured by their people and according to her, no governor today in Nigeria can stand shoulders with Ambode who has simply silence the opposition in Lagos with performance.

Common Precious, she says, you and I live in this Lagos now.............and I'm sure you either drove or walked down here and if your eyes are still very functional, you would have seen the great work of Ambode in Lagos.

This is a man alot of people didn't give a chance when he was chosen as the candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC in Lagos, but with his performances now, even those who didn't believe in his ability to be governor can not talk now, as they are all enjoying the dividends made possible by the able governor of Lagos State.

Go round Precious and I know you believe me when I say that Ambode has done well, for I am one person who is not afraid to say the truth when the need arises and on Ambode, I give him a DISTINCTION for a job well-done in Lagos and this is not to say that we are there yet, but in this three years of his being governor, I COULDN'T HAVE ASKED FOR A BETTER GOVERNOR.

Akinwunmi Ambode is a Role Model amongst his brother governors and I, Yetunde Arobieke is very proud of him in Lagos.

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