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CYRIL STOBER: The News-Maker With The Sweetest “JOY STICK” In Nigeria, Whose “CALL TO FAME” Is Marrying NTA Presenters & Newscasters.

Edith Yassin, Efunkese, Cyril & Elizabeth.
The last story I wrote on one of the finest broadcasters of our time, NTA’s Cyril Stober with the headline ““How NTA’s “Cyril Stober” Cheated On His Former Wife, “Efunseke Merriman Johnson” With Same “Elizabeth Banu” That Led To The Crash Of His First Marriage”” has generated a lot of responses from concerned people, some of whom are of the opinion that there are more to Cyril’s escapades than we know.

Surprisingly, more are coming out to buttress this point and as shocking as this may sound, discovery has just shown that the marriage between Cyril Stober and Elizabeth Banu which happened a few days ago is actually not the second marriage of Cyril but HIS THIRD as he had before now, married another fellow colleague and presenter too, Edith Yassin.


Edith Yassin came into the picture as his second wife when he was still dating Elizabeth Banu, a lady he took charge of immediately she joined the NTA as a young girl, dated her all her NTA years, broke her heart when he went on sabbatical to marry another presenter, Edith Yassin of same NTA, and today, he is back to Elizabeth as husband.

The story as told us by some of NTA people has it that the first marriage of Efunseke Merriman Johnson failed because it was alleged that Cyril being very RANDY made advances at the daughter of Efunseke, a child she had before she got married to Cyril and to prevent the very bad from happening between Cyril and her daughter, coupled with what was going on between he and Elizabeth in Abuja, Efunseke had to take the advice of her family and moved over to the UK, as according to what she told her friends, “Nothing Can Cure The Randiness Of Cyril Stober”.

This is a typical example of what we may call, CIRCLE OF BETRYALS IN THE NIGERIAN TELEVISION AUTHORITY, as Elizabeth Banu betrayed Efunseke Merriman Johnson by dating and sleeping with Cyril, her husband and colleague, so Edith Yassin betrayed Elizabeth Banu by not only dating her stolen boyfriend, but marrying him in either 2003 or 2005.

CHAI you might say, and yes again, this story may have just began, as we may end up seeing or finding more than these three women as those Cyril Stober married officially, not only in NTA, but some may come from outside, as the people we know are the ones that revolve around the NTA.

Speaking specially with us, one of our very best of sources who pleaded for a cover, says, “That man Cyril Stober is very randy Precious, as he thinks he is the only one who knows how to use his PENNIS here”. 

Infact, the story you wrote earlier isn’t the full gist as Cyril had at a point broken up with this same ELIZABETH to marry another colleague by name Edith Yassin, broke her heart and went back to Elizabeth and the stupid Elizabeth accepted him back.

Well, Elizabeth too is randy, having dated a former DG of NTA who was reputed for sleeping with married NTA staff for good postings and promotions, which made her case unique, as the former NTA DG only slept with married staff and Cyril knew about this when it went on.

It’s a shame and I am even ashamed talking about this honestly, but people like Cyril Stober who thinks that their “Joy Sticks” are sweeter than honey, to the extent to they take women for granted must be told the truth and made to stop.

The Randiness of Cyril Stober is shocking, but only to some of us who are outside the NTA family, but within, he is known to be a star when women and NTA Female Presenters/Casters/Anchors are concerned.

Truly, even in retirement, Cyril Stober had to give himself a very good RETIREMENT BENEFIT by marrying Elizabeth Banu as his “TAKE HOME PACKAGE” of accumulated Gratuity and Pension.

Cyril Stober, the Mr. Sweet Joy Stick of the NTA.

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