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Myself and Ngozi Nwosu.
 Let me start this by saying that these days, due to my very bad experiences with a former boss of mine who is a Nollywood Actor, I have become very resentful of anyone who is an actor, male and female, to the extent that when I count my costs and reconcile how I wasted years effortlessly serving this very person in question, I just put all of them in one basket.
Who will blame me??

Atleast, I have witnesses here on Facebook who know, knew and saw how I served this particular woman with all my energy, strength and might and what did I get in return??
Naturally, I am very committed to LOVE and FRIENDSHIP, which a lot of people take advantage of me for, but I won’t stop and this started affecting how I related with anybody who is a Nollywood Actor.

So, a few years after I SACKED THE OTHER ACTOR FROM ‘‘MBAISE’’, Ma’am Ngozi Nwosu came on board and we started off immediately as I became her Manager, but my previous experienced wouldn’t let me be.

I started looking out for the signs and told myself that ‘’IF I SEEEEEEEEEEEEE ANYTHING THAT LOOKED LIKE THE OTHER PERSON ANYWHERE CLOSE’’, I will run before you say, Jack Robinson.

So, as normal, we had our issues, discussed them and moved on with work, but this particular day, I took a walk again without explanation because, I felt I had seen something that ‘’wanted to look like what I went through with the other person’’ and off I ran and that was it.
Myself and Ngozi Nwosu.
So, when I got an invite by another Veteran Actor, Ma’am Funke Kate Adepegba for the Media Viewing of the first Nigerian Animated Movie, ‘’SADE’’, I knew that was the best opportunity to reconcile as they two are besties and being that Ma’am Ngozi Nwosu starred in the movie, she was going to be there.

So, I decided that this fight between I and my own darling, Ngozi Nwosu was going to end, though VERY DIFFICULT, but I made up my mind that even if she says, NO PRECIOUS, I can’t reconcile with you, I would have done my best.

Now, to embark on this kind of journey to a star empty handed was not going to happen with me and so I decided to go with a bottle of Red Wine and then, devised a means of reaching out to her.

First, I decided that I was gonna talk to Ma’am Kate Adepegba to join me when I was ready to approach her, but when I arrived and saw one woman I Love sooo much, Lilian Amah, I knew my job would be easy.

I approached her immediately I got into the hall at Oriental Hotels, greeted and told her what I wanted to do and my desire that she helps me achieve this, SHE JUMPED AT IT IMMEDIATELY AS IF SHE HAD BEEN PRAYING FOR THIS TO HAPPEN SINCE ‘’TIME-IMO-RIVER’’. Lol.

So, when Ma’am Ngozi made to leave earlier than everyone else, Ma’am Lilian Amah beckoned on me to come along, met Ngozi before I got to them, spoke to her about what I wanted to do, AND THAT WAS IT.

I apologized and handed over my BOTTLE OF RED WINE to her and she was like, My run-AWAY MANAGER!!

She hugged me and I promised to go see her soonest after we took these pictures.
Wonderful right??

It wasn’t easy to take the decision to reconcile with this woman of inestimable value, I thought about the outcome and what my reaction would be if she had said No-WAY, haaaaaaaa, Wahala for boost shaaa, but no, she isn’t like them at all.

I am sooooo very grateful to God for making me make up my mind to this, as it meant a lot to me. All I did yesterday was cry as I reminisced over the fact that I could do what I did??

But like Ma’am Lilian Amah said to me when I told her what my intention was, THIS LIFE GET AS E BE. Anything can happen.


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