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Meet JENNIFER IWENJIORAH, The “IGBO WIFE” Of Alhaji Atiku Abubakar.

Jemilah and her husband, Alh. Atiku Abubakar.

Though this is not news as it were, but alot of Nigerians do not know that former vice president, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar is married to an Igbo lady who was until their marriage, a Reporter with the Nigerian Television Authority, NTA and now a Lawyer who has been called to the Nigerian Bar and into private practice in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory.

Yes, this may sound like Super-Story to some people who would ask why this is important at this point in time, but I would like to remind us that as 2019 draws nigh, stories would start flying and falsehood too will be cooked up against people with interests to run for the post of president, governorship and other positions of sensitivity and authority, which is why some of us who know the truth must begin to speak out before others take over the airwaves to preach the gospel of hate and sectionalism to Nigerians.

In 2015 for instance, President Muhammadu Buhari suffered alot of humiliations from all quarters, especially from the powers that be then, with accusations and counter-accusations of things that majority of us felt were out of place and we fought the battle for him till he won that election, risking our own lives in the process and today, THE STONE THE BUILDER REJECTED IN 2015, IS NOW THE PRESIDENT OF THE FEDERAL REPUBLIC NIGERIA.

One of the accusations against the person of Buhari in 2015 was that he is a SENTIMENTALIST who wouldn’t mind if his people, the Fulanis killed both the Igbos and Yorubas and even though I was amongst those who helped deal with that falsehood then, it didn’t stop it from flying and today, alot of people are calling for my head over what I did, said and made them do in 2015 by convincing them that GMB then was the best and if you asked me while asleep, I will confidently tell you that he was the best that happened to us in 2015, BUT NOT ANYMORE.

Back to basic:
Jennifer Iwenjiorah is one woman whom I’m told is very bold, as I had to ask questions from people who are in broadcasting, especially political reporters and NTA broadcasters who worked with the NTA the time she was reporting for them and I got the news that she is a woman whose self esteem no one can equal.  So, her marriage to Atiku Ababakar to some came as a shock being an Igbo woman, and to another set of people, her choice was a fulfillment of who she is, bold, intelligent, fierce and a go-setter who hated to be called IGBO because she is from the eastern part of Nigeria, but loves to be referred to as a Nigerian with no tribe attached.

Understanding why she chose Atiku over alot of men I am told who wanted to marry her at the point in time and one of them says, “Jennifer? Some of us knew she wasn’t gonna settle for less as it was evident amongst a few of us then that this woman will either marry either an Hausa man, Yoruba or even Edo man, but definitely not an Igbo man as she exhibited such tendencies that is a above her peers in Igbo land when the choice of a husband was called to question”.

She continued: When we heard she was marrying Atiku, I told someone in NTA then that this lady was sure not an Igbo and this marriage proves it to us, being that right from time, it was evident that there was no tribalism nor religious bigotry around about her, resonating this connecting power that makes people of other religion and tribe flock around her as though she was their relatives, she ended.

Why would an Atiku Abubakar, a Fulani and Muslim think of marrying a woman from across the Niger, and this is what I got.

“Atiku is one modern day politician that has no iota of bigotry in him at all”. Are you aware young man that his other wife, Titi is a Yoruba woman who he married against his parents wish? Why do you think he has remained very relevant in the Nigerian political system till today? If he were to be a tribalist, sectionist, secessionist and fundamentalist, his relevance amongst his friends and loyalists would have waned over time, especially all he had suffered politically in the hands of previous governments and now, one of Atiku Abubakar’s political associates who pleaded for cover told us.

I can assure you Precious, he goes on,  that he made the right decision to have married Jemilah when he did, as she is a very wonderful woman who has held her head firmly high against all odds, graduating as a Lawyer in the US and now into private practice here in Abuja, even as the wife of Atiku, when you see her, you won’t believe she is married to Atiku.

Jennifer is from Onitsha, Anambra State, worked with the Nigerian Television Authority for many years before her marriage to Alhaji Atiku Abubakar and was called to the Nigerian Bar in the year 2014.

Jemilah Atiku Abubakar holds a Ph.D from the American University in Washington and is the Founder/President of GEDE Foundation, a non-profit organization based in the United States and has a Law Firm in Abuja, Nigeria.

Precious Eze.

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