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At “CHRISLAND SCHOOLS” We Pride Ourselves As “NUMBER ONE” In The Teaching Of MATHEMATICS In Nigerian.------- Segun Ogunsola, Head, Tests & Exams.

Chrisland School with Mama Winifred Awosika.

In 1977, October 3rd to be precise, the child, “Chrisland Schools” was birthed in a small bungalow in Lagos and today, that child has grown to become one of the most beautiful ladies amongst ladies and this is the story of Chrisland Schools Ltd in Nigeria in the midst of the saturation evident in the educational sector today.

As Chrisland celebrates the very huge milestone in the running of the best of schools across the country, we may have to start this expose on the school from an angle that scars pupils/student of various ages in schools away, which is Mathematics.

Mathematic is seen as one of the toughest subjects by all standards because of the way the subject is structured and embedded with a lot of calculations, making it very hard to comprehend and assimilate in all ramifications, especially amongst students who are not given to trying harder at things they are informed about.

In view of this, Chrisland Schools have taken it upon herself to break records in the teaching and learning of the subject seen as the toughest and most difficult in schools, therefore, when the opportunity came to have a feel of what the school, Chrisland is made of, we grabbed it with full force and Mathematics caught our very attention first and this is what we got.

Speaking to us, the Head of Tests and Exams at Chrisland Schools Ltd, Mr. Segun Ogunsola took us on a journey of what Mathematics is to the school and how the school has been able to make good of the need to open new grounds for the students of the school whom he says are performing wonders in Nigeria.

According to him:,Ggenerally we know students have phobia for Maths, atleast, 95% of students have that in-born fear for Mathematics and based on past experiences, they are neither willing nor patient to learn. What we do is that we have the normal maths class, atleast, 5, 6 times a week and now, we have what we call Chrisland Schools “Diagnostic Mathematics Support Laboratory” specifically to encourage the brilliant students and for the CHALLENGED students, you will see that we have a lot of laptops there, the school invested in setting up the lab, we got a developer who built the software for that Maths class, its different from the normal video our teachers use in the normal Maths class, so, all the lessons, the same lessons that are taught in the normal Maths class, we now brought them content rated with the average students in mind, so, it’s a kind of simplified version of the same Maths lesson that goes on in the normal class, developed into a video and taught by teachers that are well experienced in the field and after they had taught it, we now animated it, you know children love cartoons, animals, pictures, so, we now developed the lesson along that line and we have a sector of it that is game based., a game APP in Maths, the first in the history of Nigeria.

Chrisland Schools Mr. Ogunsola says, have set the bar in the teaching of Mathematics in Nigeria as this is replicated across all the schools owned by Chrisland.

For instance, and this is verifiable, because this is our unique way of solving the problem of Mathematics amongst students in Nigeria and that’s why we’ve been doing well in the subject.

I will give you an examples, the High School in Ikeja presented 57 candidates for the last WAEC and out of the 57, 47 of them had A1 in Maths while the remaining 10 got B2 and WAEC can confirm this to you. We presented 211 candidates in all Chrisland Schools in the last examination, only 4 of them got C6, because of this system they go through over the years and this is very effective.

Chrisland Schools Ltd has 5 secondary and 5 primary schools with a University where learning is made easier for students at various levels.

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