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Prof. Anthony Anwuka
Minister of State for Education.

I was away from the country recently, but on my return I was told that the Hon. Minister of State for Education announced that Undergraduates in Nigerian Universities will now spend five years as against the present four years. I am told that one of his justifications was that most of our present graduates are unskilled, and that some do not even worth the certificates they are holding.

In addition, the Hon. Minister of State confirmed that the additional one year will be spent in Industry.

Firstly, let me ask the Hon. Minister whether it is the fault of our students that the quality and standard of our education deteriorated to this level? We all criticize the students as half baked, without putting our searchlight on the baker. Hon. Minister, please pay a visit to one of the Federal Universities, and evaluate just the Library facilities, and compare it with those in some developing countries, Also, compare most of the environment, and decide whether they are conducive for learning? yet, we blame the students. If Nigerian students are such dullards, how come that when they have opportunity to go to foreign Universities for either second degree or Doctoral, they perform creditably well.

Secondly, I am told that the Hon. Minister is proposing that the fifth year of University will be spent in Industry. Please sir, where are the Industries that will take on thousands of final year students across the country? Even now, it is a Herculean task to find spaces in Industry to accept students for Industrial attachments under the SIWES program.

Hon. Minister of State Sir, our Education policy is already in a mess, simply because most of the decision makers don’t have children in the system, and as such, don’t appreciate its lopsidedness and failure.
Please, do not add another one year to the frustration of our children, because what is being proposed will never succeed, and I stand to be corrected. I wish you will reconsider sir.

Have you obtained your PVC? Don’t allow them to frustrate you, it is your civic duty to cast your vote come 2019. Don’t sit on the fence.

God bless our Commonwealth.

Chief JB Oke is a retired Executive Chairman of the A.G Leventis Group.

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