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Eze Madumere Is “INTEGRITY MAN OF THE YEAR” 2018.

Prince Eze Madumere.
The Deputy Governor of Imo State, Prince Eze Madumere has won the highly coveted “INTEGRITY MAN OF THE YEAR” 2018 Award at the just concluded Nigerian Association of Christian Journalists’ Annual “INTEGRITY AWARD & LECTURE 2018.

According to the General Secretary of the association, Dr. Charles Okhai, the choice of Madumere for this year’s most prestigious award category is hinged on the association’s discovery of who he is and the qualities embedded in his character, having watched him with keen interest over the years and are proud to identify with his personality, diligence, patriotism, honesty as one of the best Deputy Governors in Nigeria, demonstrating high level humility that is not known in politicians of nowadays.

From his days as Chief of Staff, now as Deputy Governor of Imo State, we came to the realization that none other is worthy of this award at this present time other than he, as this honour is bestowed on eminent Nigerians who have over the years distinguished themselves in all spheres of their careers as integrity conscious leaders which Madumere symbolizes, a rare bred politician in Nigeria, therefore this award.

His unassuming nature, loyalty and obedience to laid-down rules and regulations as a Nigerian politician, even when not convenient endeared him to us. The humility he exudes and that which he shows towards his boss, even in the face of total deprivation as his office as Deputy Governor would require is one you can’t find anywhere near any politician of today and so the association decided to use him as Role Model amongst Nigerian politicians with this symbol of honour bestowed on him at this award ceremony.  
The selection that culminated into the choice of Eze Madumere for the most revered award went through a rigorous process during the association’s National Executive Members Nomination Exercise which produced him as the best amongst two others, after-which voting was carried out by members through SMS nationwide, which also had him emerge as the most deserving candidate for the award.

Responding, Eze Madumere says: When I got the news of my being chosen as the recipient of this year’s highly sort after award from this great association of Christian Journalist, I asked myself what I had done to merit such as honour, it wasn’t until the letter of nomination was given to me that I understood the criteria for such an award and I simply would say, I AM FURTHER HUMBLED by this show of love coming from an association that comprises of Nigerians across the entire nation and what this award tells me is that I am being noticed in my very little corner in Imo State where I ply my political trade as the “People’s Deputy Governor” and that nothing is hidden anymore.
 Furthermore the Imo State Deputy Governor opined, Integrity as the word sounds is something that is noticeably disappearing in our society today, therefore, when one is chosen amongst many to be honoured for displaying such is his daily activities, it is something worth giving glory to God for and I give thanks to God for the opportunity such as this in my political career in Imo State and in Nigeria as a whole. I strive daily to uphold principles of dignity, sincerity, integrity and total humility in all I do as a Nigerian politician and these are the qualities that have seen me come this far in politics in both Imo State and in Nigeria.

Retired Assistant Inspector General of Police, Tunde Ogunsaki, Chaired the occasion which had other prominent Nigerians such as the Governor of Katsina State, Aminu Bello Masari, Hon. Bayo Osinowo of the Lagos State House of Assembly, Senator Ben Bruce, Her Excellency, Mrs. Aisha Buhari, Chief Justice of Lagos State, Hon. Justice Opeyemi Oke, Chartered Diplomat, Dr. Kunle Hamilton, Dr. Orji Uzor-Kalu, Dr. Uche Ogah, Dr. Alex Otti were amongst other prominent Nigerians who were honoured at the event.

The award identifies Eze Madumere as NIGERIA’S SYMBOL OF INTEGRITY and a worthy AMBASSADOR of the Nigerian Association of Christian Journalists (NACJ).

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