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Internal Crises In Political Parties Is The Beauty Of Politics In Nigeria ---- Hon. Bayo Osinowo.

Hon. Bayo Osinowo
Member, Lagos State House of Assembly.
Member representing Kosofe Constituency 1 in the Lagos State House of Assembly, Hon. Bayo Osinowo has come out to defend very strongly some the issues regarded as internal political crises  associated with the ongoing Ward Congresses of the All Progressive Congress, APC across the country at the moment.

According to the man regarded in Lagos as one of those who had helped to hold the party stable in the South-West says that internal crises in a political party are actually what makes politics sweet and enjoyable where individuals from different backgrounds, cultures, upbringing, societies, calling and personalities come together to form alliances politically.

This alliance he says can never be possible if people don't disagree to agree, fight, argue, etc because opinions differ, therefore everyone is allowed their freedom of expression and that is what you get when you are in a party like the APC.

In an interview with us recently, Hon. Osinowo had these to say:

It is natural politically to have crises. If you are a Christian who goes to church, all you will be hearing everyday is, My God is Good, My God is Good Always. If you go to the Mosque, the same thing, that is in religion. In politics, that is the format, that is the system, a lot of problems here and there, disagreements here and there, that is the beauty of politics.

What you people outside are looking at as problem is the beauty of politics, ability to contest, ability to say no, ability to disagree, ability to say I won’t support you, ability to say, I will support you, you are not fit for the job, you Eze, go and collect form to contest tomorrow, then you see people accuse you of things you’ve never heard of before, you will know you have enemies, they will talk about you, your school mates in Primary School will come out to accuse you of stealing a ruler that did not belong to you and because of that, you are not fit to hold public office. 

We are used to that, though it’s not funny, it is only funny to those who don’t understand the workings of politics and politicians.

NB: The exclusive interview with Hon. Bayo Osinowo will be ran soon, stay glued here.

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