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On “YOUR VIEW”, Giving Nigerian Women “A VOICE” Has Remained And Will Remain Our Primary Focus -------Morayo Afolabi-Brown.

Morayo Afolabi-Brown.
Women the world are usually seen as second class citizens with their ideas and opinions regarded as worthless amongst men who see themselves as the only brilliant species of human-beings on earth, but, that is gradually changing and this is where women themselves are supposed to work hard in making sure that these narratives change in their favour.

In the Nigerian context for example, women are seen to do more of the jobs that require less of intellectualism and made to focus on things that are seen less stressing, especially where discussions on political issues are called to bare, while men are put on the front burners churning out ideas that affect or will affect the women even more.

But as it is, the narrative is changing gradually with women taking the bulls by their horns through making themselves more meaningful without waiting for the men to pull strings for them and this is what your daily TV Tonic, “YOUR VIEW” on Television Continental, TVC seeks to improve upon.

According to the anchor and producer, Mrs. Morayo Afolabi-Brown, Your View was created to give women the platform for expression of ideas and opinions on issues that affect them, either political or economy.

Morayo Afolabi-Brown says, “We discovered that over time, women were seen not to have voices or opinions on issues of national interest in Nigeria, this was evident when at different fora's, either on TV, Radio or even at events, women were always given either issues that has to do with beauty, fashion, food, children etc and the men take on issues on the economy, finance, politics, stocks, reviews and this is the mindset we have changed with the program.
The ladies of "Your View".

We have simply demystified the versatility of women to express their opinions on issues beyond what is expected of them on Your View, where we talk on everything and every issue so long as they are within the permitted discussable issues on television.

These assertions of Mrs. Afolabi-Brown were made at a parley organized for the media by the management of Nigeria’s foremost education centre, ChrisLand Schools Ltd in commemoration of her 40th anniversary in Lagos.  

Very amiable and humane, Morayo Afolabi-Brown was one of the anchors who led media guys around the premises of ChrisLand Schools Ltd to showcase the achievements of the school in over 40 years in Nigeria.

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