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SO, What Has "GENEVIEVE NNAJI" Being "39" Got To Do With You?

Genevieve Nnaji.
On several occasions, I have been accused by people of being or looking older than my age and sometimes, I ignore but at some instances, I had come out strong to stand against people those who think or may think they know me better than I know myself and majority of times, I am baffled that anyone would ever doubt ages of people that much.

So, our very own Genevieve Nnaji has at different times been questions by those who feel they were present when her mother took in for the pregnancy that gave birth to her and I would always put myself in her shoes, wondering why it would be anyone's business if she is older or younger than 39, an age I personally feel she is younger for.

Who would see a Genny and believe she is actually 39?
A woman with a GROWN-UP daughter of close to, if not older than 20, looking this fabulous and you want it as your job to find out how old she really is?

Is she beautiful? YES GENEVIEVE NNAJI is very beautiful with an ageless face that makes envy and jealousy enrap those who see her, but making her age your business is what I don't understand.

If Genevieve likes, let her her be 50, 55, or 100, the question is, is she looking older than 39?
Genevieve Nnaji could pass for a 14 year girl even as 39, so, whats the issue?

Happy Birthday my Darling Genevieve Nnaji.
Enjoy your 39th.

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