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The blackmailer, Nwakaego Nwanna.
I am a young man who started my journalism career in 2001 at the age of 15 immediately I finished my secondary education, pursuing a career path I had nursed as a child for a very long time before taking the bold step I took to approach a mentor whom I felt held the keys to my destination in journalism then and here I am still a young man but have spent well over 15 years in an industry where breaking through is seemingly a very difficult journey which has affected the way and manner some of us practice journalism today. In my industry, especially with the influx of New Media, popularly regarded as Social Media, a lot of my colleagues now thrive on pushing out stories that are not well investigated making  members of the public to accuse us of  “JUNK JOURNALISM”.

Just a few days ago, a close friend called my attention to an online publication against a certain Professor Awonusi, a lecturer with the University of Lagos and I was amazed when I saw what was written about an elderly man who had risen from the very bottom in the education profession to the highest in the hierarchy of lecturers in Nigeria and in my charismatic self, I immediately took the decision that I was going to see to it that I find out what exactly transpired between the accused and  accuser.    
The accuser of the Professor is one Miss Joy Nwakaego Nwanna, who I found out is a lady from my own state, Imo. She has as her facebook name-Joy Mark, her email-Mary Michael and one wonders why the multiplication of names that are on conflict with her personality as a human being? Joy Mark, Mary Michael, Joy Nwanna, all for just one person? What an identity crisis!
Nwakaego Nwanna.
FROM MY QUIET INVESTIGATION, I FOUND that Joy Nwakaego Nwanna COMPLETED HER PROGRAMME IN the University of Lagos in 2014/2015 academic session, that is, 3 years ago, came back to UNILAG in 2015/2016 to take her last examination which was a CARRY-OVER course, 2 years ago and finished her compulsory National Youth Service CoRPS, NYSC in Abuja in 2017, that’s a year ago and herE she is, claiming CURRENT victim mentality!

In the report on Linda Ikeji’s Blog, Joy Nwakaego Nwanna was quoted to have raised certain issues of concern and they are, “I have completely given up when it comes to academics’ ‘He has failed me on tests before’, ‘I am tired of everything’, The lecturers talk about the girls they have slept with and the ones they want to sleep with’   and I am pushed to ask, how can a young lady who graduated in 2014/2015, came back in 2015/2016 to write her carry-over exam and has gone ahead to round off her NYSC programme, claim that she is being sexually harassed by a lecturer in 2018?

At what point did Miss Joy Nwakaego Nwanna give up on her academics in the University of Lagos when she had graduated since 2015/16?  In my secret investigations too, I discovered that she never failed any of Prof’s course (which incidentally he co-taught with female lecturers) and therefore I ask again, at what point in her academic journey in Unilag did the Prof fail her for refusing him sex and she had to compromise? 

The lecturers talk about the girls they have slept with and the ones they want to sleep with” she was reported as saying, as if she was their Personal Assistant or Secretary who took the minutes whenever the lecturers had meetings among themselves? At what point did she become that close to all her lecturers to the extent that they can discuss their private affairs (if any) in her presence without any hindrance? This is without reminding us that this particular girl graduated 3 years ago and this her supposed harassment happened recently as a student of the University of Lagos and some people, especially people I respect and hold in very high esteem would publish such a damaging story with pictures that could have been possibly photoshopped without either verification or at least, some level of investigation to be sure that this lady was not blackmailing the prof? Why did we not have the pictures of Miss Nwanna in all the ones released so far if truly there was anything that transpired between she and the prof? Or doesn’t it take two to tango in this part of the world anymore?
Nwakaego Nwanna.

I feel very strongly that there is more to what is going on that we are yet to be aware of and this is what my investigations revealed as I was told that Miss Nwanna had started blackmailing the professor asking for huge sums of money, which when the prof refused, she threatened to expose him with the pictures as published which someone who spoke with me said she possibly got from a stolen phone of the prof.

Some of the students of the English Department, University of Lagos, who spoke to me on condition of anonymity spoke very highly of the Professor whom they say is one lecturer whose character and integrity can never be questioned in all ramifications, questioning why anyone in his or her right senses would plan and execute a blackmail agenda against such a man with some of them asking why any platform would even publish such a story without investigating to ascertain the true nature of the story.

This is one Professor in this school’, one of them says, ‘who has been of immense blessings to majority of his students, including me talking to you, especially the indigent ones amongst us. How would someone allow herself to be used by the devil against an innocent man is what I am trying to comprehend. I even heard from a student colleague of mine that he took in a student who had no home, taking over the payment of the girls school fees together with his wife.’

Why do bad things happen to good people like prof ?’, another student in the English Department asked? ‘The girl in question, Joy, is someone whose lifestyle has been questionable since we all started schooling here and I am certain she is doing this to harm an innocent man for one of her ulterior motives to sustain her fake lifestyle which she had led in the school throughout her stay here’.

It is expedient therefore that Miss Joy Nwakaego Nwanna does the following.
1.     Tell the general public who she is and what her real names are? Joy Nwanna, Joy Nwakaego Nwanna, Joy Mark, Mary Micheal, Joy Michael?
2.     Tell us how it is possible that a girl who graduated in 2015/2016 is still afraid for her life in a University she left over two years ago?

Let me inform the public that from my investigations, this lady, Joy Nwanna finished from the University of Lagos with a THIRD CLASS and was taught throughout her 3years stay in Unilag, having been admitted through direct entry. She was lectured by not less than 25 lecturers, which makes one wonder why she had to single out one man for being responsible for her third class degree.

And to you my colleagues in the media, let us all thread with caution in our bid to drive traffic on the image and name of others as what goes around, comes around.

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