Ekiti Governor-Elect, Dr. Fayemi Shows Off His Certificate Of Return, Meets President Buhari.

President Buhari with Dr. Kayode Fayemi.
The former governor, now Governor Elect of Ekiti State, Dr. Kayode John Fayemi must be the happiest man at this point in time, as the people of Ekiti did not put him to shame, but voted massively for his return as their governor starting in October, 2018.

He however collected his Certificate of Return, which is a certificate from INEC, issued to candidates of political parties who scores the highest votes during an election and afterwards headed to Aso Rock villa to meet with his former boss and president, Muhammadu Buhari to express his appreciation for standing by him before and during the election in Ekiti.

Dr. Fayemi used the opportunity to show the president his certificate as issued by INEC.