Is Nollywood Actor, KENNETH OKONKWO Not Pushing His Political Luck Too Far?

Kenneth Okonkwo.

The little I have come to know about politics, especially in Africa and in Nigeria to be precise, is the fact that people who wish to occupy positions of authority politically do so by being steadfast and with steady followings, climbing through the ranks, making gradual progress until they arrive their political destinations.

No one had ever risen from the bottom to the top without following laid down hierarchy, which helps to sell the individual to his people, especially when he or she is not a grassroots person.

For some, it starts from just being a Counselor, to Chairman of a Local Government, Commissioner or Special Adviser, Member, House of Assembly before getting to the top of either a Governor or what have you and it baffles one when an individual who had never occupied any political office would jump out of the moon and want to be Governor of a state

These days, we have seen alot of our stars from the movie industry appointed to different positions with the latest being the son of Veteran Actor, Pete Edochie, Yul Edochie who after contesting for the governorship of Anambra State, Presidency afterwards, withdrew his membership of the party he contested under, joined the ruling APGA in the state and have been compensated with an ordinary Senior Special Assistant to the governor.

But the story of another Veteran, Kenneth Okonkwo, popularly known as Andy from the movie, Living In Bondage is something alot of people see as unrealistic, unrealizable and unachievable.

The concern here is, how can a man who had no prior knowledge of politics, having not occupied any political position before aspire to be Governor of a state like Enugu?

Not only is this unrealistic, one of the major challenges he likely may face would be his affinity with the All Progressives Congress, APC, a political party that is regarded as alien to Ndigbo and how he plans to navigate this will be a story for another day.

It is my thinking therefore that Barrister Kenneth Okonkwo is toeing same line with his colleague, Yul Edochie, which would see him fail woefully at the pools and thereafter, decamp to the ruling PDP in the state and would get compensated with an appointment, simply hoping it would not be an SSA like Yul.