DELTA 2019: “Core Delta Youth” Endorse Ifeanyi Okowa For Second Term At The 2018 Political Conference.

Sen. Ifeanyi Okowa.
Governor of Delta State.
It was a monumental proportion of history today at the just concluded Youth Conference organised by a formidable and vibrant youth group in Delta State, CORE DELTA YOUTH led by a strong and powerful youth leader, Commonwealth Youth Ambassador, diplomat and foremost conveyer of an NGO, Amb. Uyero Erarawewho Junior.

Youth's across the state and party lines, ideology and thoughts converged together irrespective of their political affiliation to discuss the way forward regarding their political fate.

The major resolution made at the just concluded 2018 Youth Political Conference jeered towards making relevance in the corridors of power. The young people with so much enthusiasm affirmed that they are ready to make this course possible.

To achieve their resolution, a consensus of ideologist says Nigeria youths especially Delta youths be recommended to seat on some key positions and that the Nomination Form for all aspirants below the ages of 40 be given a discount of 30% by all Political Party.

Firstly, the youths anticipated that the program was a PDP affair but when the Speakers took to the podium, they were charged up as to why the old narratives has to be changed.

The arrival of a new born baby, first on the call up roll, was the immediate past Governor of Delta State, His Excellency, Dr. Emmanuel Eweta Uduaghan, who stormed into the venue accompanied by horde of aides with his unassuming look and fatherly disposition felt it important to identify with young folks in a gathering that serves as a spectrum for cross fertilization of ideas.

He took time to interact with the youths, charging them into taking cognisance the efforts of Core Delta Youth in organising a gigantic political conference for their benefit.

He however led them into understanding that for them to be useful, they have to change their perception and ideology which would be discussed in the conference as it was all embedded in the topics.
The Youths at the Conference.
The event took shape of a mouth watering interaction as the youths were privileged to reel out their fears and worries over the mundane attention given to Nigeria Youths in Politics.
During the cause of interaction, the former Governor explicated that the theme of the event which apted Changing The Old Narratives, that there must be a paradigms shift and total departure of doing things as done in the sixties and seventies. He equally posited to fit in the new narrative with the innumerable quantum of youths, that there can be a change of order only if they are ready to welcome it.

Exploring further, he said the future of the youths depends on the forthcoming elections. That throwing support and weight behind a candidate, the youths must take into cognisance the germane issues revolving around their social habitat like lack of education, drug abuse, unemployment and other social vices.

He expressed his dissatisfaction with young people aspiring for public office that are throwing the kitchen sink and demeaning elders on social network.

Uduaghan cautioned the youths to desist from such ignoble act while encouraging those without permanent voters card (PVC) to go register and get their voters card as this is a period of grace by INEC.

Coordinator Core Delta Youth, Amb. Uyero Erarawewho in his opening address charged the youths to shun violence, thuggery and say no to doing the bidding of any blood sucking politician in this political dispensation. He also encouraged them to see themselves as the solution to their present and future putting behind the past issues.

"We can only change the old narratives if we stand up as youths to engage ourselves positively in politics as we make up 65% of the electorates. We have to be relevant and that is what Core Delta Youth stand for, being committed to good governance and 30% inclusion of youths in government" he noted.

The Key Note Speaker, Barr. Lloyd Owonaro, PDP South South Youth leader, in his opening address; Changing The Old Narratives In A Fast Emerging Young Socio-Political Economic Development And Good Governance In Nigeria, said that youths represents the future of tomorrow not minding that for long, Nigeria leaders have carved the notion and belief that political leadership is meant for the elderly. He said to change this assertion, youths should study and emulate persons like, former President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni of Uganda and late Muhammed Gadaffi who were all African youths that fought, took over power and managed to win the battle.

"It is therefore time to be proactive, contribute meaningfully and show readiness to change the old narratives that you all are entangled in".

The ebullient Vice Chairman of Isoko North, Hon. Mrs. Joy Okor Okeoghene, who handled the topic, Sustaining The Political Temple With The Inclusion Of Young People In The Center, said she is a vibrant youth who have been pursuing her purpose and vision of leadership while in the university. She pointed out that her relevance in politics finally paid off as she just came into office some months ago.

"It is not just for young people to participate in politics but also to display their talent and innate potentials for all to see which in the cause of doing that nobody can deny young people the opportunity to partake in any leadership position. So, to get to that corridor of power, there must be a passion and burning desire in you. It is time for young people to serve".

Hon. Joy also stated that the youth shouldn't only concentrate on finance which the youth made mention as the major yardstick confronting them as regards opting for various political positions. She however encouraged more youth participation in politics and all coming all out to vote and be voted for.
Emmanuel Uduagha, former Governor of the State at the conference.

The topic Managing Issues Of Party Supremacy, Internal Democracy And Vision To Lead, was handled by Chief O.K. Millar who  represented PDP State Secretary, Chief Obi Nzete; Mr. Felix Ekwu, representing the Executive Assistant to the Governor on Political Matters, Hon. Chris Onogba and Ogbabe Ore Actor representing Chief Richard Aduvie, they  spoke intensively on how not to put so much interest and focus on political parties and made it of note that Nigeria has different political platforms and parties to function. They made the youth believe that the major point for our youth is to understand the vision of leadership as whatever the present electorates want is the integrity and capability of the candidate they want to vote into power not just their political structure.

The issue of political parties been made mention during the course of discussion and interaction, the youths who were majorly students from different Tertiary Institutions were at a moment turned off as there was a loud roar and up cry in the auditorium. Many lashed out while pouring out their grievance and anger based on the recent happenings, challenges and political saga facing the country on the Speakers.

However, the Speakers who were also youths in various arm of government, in their various turns of speech, advised that nomatter the recent or past events, it was necessary that the youths change their perception of life, mindset and orientation before verging into becoming political leaders because the same problem facing the nation will continue and history will repeat itself if they don't.

While speaking on the topic, The Role Of The Political Leader In Grooming Young People In The Political Space, Personal Assistant to the PDP South South Zonal Chairman, Hon. Efezinho Illaye-Thukson; Hon. Ubruerhe Joseph and Sanco Ovie representing Oshimili South Chairman, Hon. Osadebe Uche, all emphasized that the youths shouldn't trade blames or cascade guilt but rather, understand the term leadership which is the ability of an individual or groups to influence and guide followers or other members of an organisation. Agreeing that the past leaders haven't fared too well in nurturing a political sociology that is inherently development or cultured.

However stating that these values has created conspiracy of silence amongst elders. As the youth lack coaches and mentors, thereby leaving them to muster the audacity to unravel the dynamics as 'black box' all by themselves.

The event was a mouth watering interaction as Delta Youths were privileged to reel out their fears and worries over the mundane attention given to Delta Youth in Politics, While fielding questions asserted by the Youths.

Comrade Oduh Edafe, spoke finally on How DO We Change The Old Narratives, he expressed his dissatisfaction at the youths who lashed out at the Speakers while speaking, saying that charity begins at home. He said to change the old narratives is to possess the core leadership abilities and right attitudes to the things of life.

He emphatically expressed his distaste over some unskillful, inexperienced and uneducated youths who have sworn not to imbibe the culture of listening, understanding and getting facts before acting, saying that it is one major problem in Nigeria.

Comrade Edafe who noted that when such persons get into the corridors of power, the country still goes back to lick the same old wounds. He however advised that the youths should learn core leadership attributes in order to change the old narrative.

To spice up the event, a 12 year old upcoming musician, Little TJ, Comedian Young son and musician Jay2 Billz, entertained dignitaries and guests at the event.

The Executives and Member officially Endorsed Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa for second term in office having seen major works that he has done since its swearing in, Delta State have witness relatively Change in face specially the Roads, Job Creation, Infrastructural Development not to speak of the Asaba Stadium completed by him. The Group also lunch the "OKOWA 100%" slogan and promise to reach out to more youths in support of the Governors Re-election come 2019.

The great occasion ended with a closing remark by the Core Delta Youth Secretary, Mrs. Isioma Itekena. She noted that it was a laudable program which ought to take place on yearly basis. However, she appreciated everyone who supported the course, while thanking all the Speakers and guests for taking out time in their tight schedules to grace the conference.