MEET A MENTOR: This Is “Your Once In A Life-Time” Opportunity To Take Charge Of Your Career.

The Poster.

Whether you are on Radio, Television, writing for a Newspaper or thinking about Public Speaking, Content and Purpose are key components for achieving a good outing!

How do you put your thoughts together to reach your specific target audience?

How do you say the things that you have carefully put together in the cause of preparing for your programme?

How do you speak with your body posture while on the job on TV?

Do you know there are a few things you can do to catch and hold the attention of your audience in Public Speaking?

What is your brand and how do you put it across in an environment where people are used to a particular way of doing things?

Make time to attend this 1-day knowledge packed session where 5 professional women who are ready to mentor you and answer your personal "on the job" questions!

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