NATIONAL ASSEMBLY SIEGE: Bukola Saraki, Lawal Daura & The Possible Infiltration Of The President’s Political Camp.

Buhari. Daura & Saraki.

One-thing about Nigerian politics that baffles me is the fact that speculations, accusations and counter-accusations reign supreme, where truth is put at the back, deceiving Nigerians while we live in abject poverty.

Infact, at some point, politician make the populace believe more lies being told constantly and consistently that we do not know the difference anymore between what the truth is and when lies are being pushed to deceive us.

After the siege by the DSS at the National Assembly gate preventing members of the National Assembly from having access to their offices, news had it that the already sacked Director General of the agency, Lawal Daura was working for the Senate President, Abubukar Bukola Saraki and one wonders how a man as highly placed as Lawal Daura who is reputed to be a very tough human with direct blood relationship with President Muhammadu Buhari would allow himself to be bought over by the senate president who is perceived to be the number one enemy of the president?

What this whole drama and speculations tell some of us who are gate-watchers of the political scenes in Nigeria is that the Senate President, Bukola Saraki has over the years, grown politically to the extent that he has powers to buy over the Director General of the DSS, an appointee of the president, said to be his close blood relative and one of those clamouring for the return of the president for a second term.

What some of us are asking is, what would the senate president have given to Lawal Daura to buy him over to blackmail a man who put him in office?

Is this really how powerful Bukola Saraki has become politically in Nigeria that he could buy an appointee of the president over just like that?

If the reason or reasons for which the siege at the National Assembly had materialized, would anyone be talking about the betrayal of the president by Daura?

The days ahead will clear some of these political doubts in the country right now.