Nollywood Actor, "Rita Arum" Says Her Colleague Actor, "Rita Dominic" Was Her Senior In Secondary School.

Rita Arum & Rita Dominic.
One-thing Nollywood actors have going for them is the falsification of their ages, especially amongst the females, who continually reduces their numbers till they become 20, while in their 40ies and 50ies.

One of the exposures I have just learnt is the age between two actors, Rita Arum and Rita Dominic.

Rita Arum claims to have attended the same secondary school with Rita Dominic and was very proud to state clearly that Rita Dominic was her SENIOR in school and wonders why she would come out public to claim being younger than she is in real life, knowing that there are people who were either her classmates, juniors and even seniors too?

This revelations tells one that when these people are celebrating their birthdays, their mothers should be called separately to ask for their dates of births as the lies are multiplying by the day.

Imagine that this lady, Rita Arum was junior to Rita Dominic in high school?