Nollywood Actress, Eucharia Anunobi Set To Remarry Out Of Necessity.

Euchareia Anunobi.

Divorced female actor and self acclaimed Minister of God, Eucharia Anunobi is getting ready to settle down again after several attempts made by various men at different times starting from the day her divorce from her former husband, Charles Ekwu came through till recently.

Eucharia, Precious Eze’s Blog learnt had a man go to her parents in the village to collect MARRIAGE LISTS, afterwhich he never returned, whether out of fear of the things written in the list or fear for his life after maybe discovering who really the woman he wants to marry is.

This incident happened in January 2017, that was months before her darling son, Raymond passed on, but the man hadn’t returned but we are not sure yet if the wedding bell we are hearing from her side is from the same man who went to collect her marriage list in 2017 or another one, but one-thing is certain here.

Eucharia is now marrying out of necessity.

As an Evangelist that she is now, it would not do her ministry and supposed calling any good if she comes out pregnant tomorrow without a man to call her husband, especially this period when she has joined the Redeemed Christian Church of God, a Ministry that frowns at anyone, especially their ministers marrying twice or more, and so, she has to marry officially so she could be reckoned with, even though some of us who know Eucharia Anunobi very well know that she does not like to be controlled and would soon run out of Redeem, where Law and Order rule supreme.

Therefore, if the marriage aromas we’re perceiving is correct, then this is a means of cover-up for her and her antics, especially as she desires to have one or two more children, but within the confines of a marriage.

Congratulations to here anyways, we only wish her two things.

That the man she will marry would have a lot of money to take care of ALL HER NEEDS 100%. This is actually the only reason any man can get Eucharia to be a submissive wife.

That the new husband would be able to convince her to moved COMPLETELY to his own house and not have a spare apartment anywhere else. If this is achieved, then the shame and drama that will occur if she tries to move out any day will make her stay in the marriage no matter what happen.

Congratulations again Eucharia, we wish you well.