Agodi Okoro.

Has anyone taken notice of the fact that I have not made mention of any of the youths coming out, claiming they want to be president of Nigeria come 2019??


No be only President!
As if to be President nah SNUFF SPITE?

Look, I am not against youths or young people aspiring for positions of authority, no, Im not, infact, it is a welcomed development, but? MUST WE OVER REACH OURSELVES because we now a NOT TO YOUNG TO RUN LAW in place??

Brilliant individuals.
From Sowore, to Fola, to all of them coming out in their numbers and I ask, do they really understand exactly the intricacies of their desires are?

We have 774 Local Governments across Nigeria plus Lagos State’s 37 Local Development Council Areas, which means you must campaign across these local governments, 36 states plus Abuja and you want to be president? 

From where will a Fela Durotoye for instance get money to campaign across these states?? Even the former Central Bank retired Deputy Governor, Professor Kingsley Muoghalu has started soliciting for financial support at this early stage and I am pushed to ask WHO SEND AM??

I mean, Just like I said in the time of Nnamdi Kanu, nobody starts from the top. If Nnamdi Kanu had gone to Abia State where he comes from for instance and called Orji Uzor-Kalu and Theodore Orji to come account for their 16years of stewardship in Abia State, demanding that they return all they stole, if any, using that method to strengthen the current and other governors coming to Abia State, I’m certain he would have made a lot more impact than he ever did.

Today, Professor Pat Utomi is seeking to be governor of Delta State, an opportunity he may never get, because if he had used the same energy he exhausted contesting for Presidency over the years to contest for governor, I’m certain he would have made a lot of impact in that state, but as it is, TIME DON PASS AM.

Same thing is applicable to all these young and vibrant youths clamoring for a youth president. Running an online very successful news platform is not the same as being President of Nigeria ooooo.

Being a very prolific and extremely very successful public speaker no be the same as being president ooooooo.

The only person who seem to have some experience is the former Deputy Governor of CBN whom I know will not make any significant mark during the pulls, SO??

Just this morning as I was preparing for church, I saw the poster of Agodi Okoro who is contesting to represent Arochukwu State Constituency in the Abia State House of Assembly, I said to myself, THIS IS IT and the way to go.

You don’t just fall from the moon and want to be President of Nigeria? Nah so Nigeria don small reach sotey she is gradually becoming a caricature?

Let these youths go test their popularities like Agodi is going to do now in their local governments, state constituencies, Federal constituencies, Senatorial Zones, win from the lower level, then graduate from there to higher offices.

You got your Political Party registered yesterday and you want to use it to clinch the presidency today?? Nah so eeeasy? 

Let these guys go to the House of Representatives, House of Assembly, Senate, become Deputy Governor, Local Government Chairmen, prove your worth through your people to us, then when you talk, WE WILL ANSWER.

Congratulations in advance Agodi.
This is a done deal.