HON. SIKIRU ADEBAYO OSHINOWO: A Profile Of Courage And Giving!

Hon. Bayo Osinowo.
The life of this quintessential legislator and political enigma is nothing short of a living proof of how far courage and determination can take one.

Like Martin Luther King Jr submitted, the ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands in times of challenges and controversies. 

Defined in Nigerian politics by his many struggles alongside other national heroes to right many wrongs of the past, as well as the choices he had made in adverse times, our man have shown overtime that he never reneges on his beliefs and promises. He is a man of values and principles.

Growing up for Hon. Adebayo Osinowo, the man many loves to call 'Pepper and or Pepperitto' started at Saint Augustine Primary School, Ijebu-Ode, onward to Isoyin Grammar School, Ijebu-Ode, where he completed his secondary education. 

He obtained a Diploma in Building Technology and later a Master’s degree in Communication from the prestigious Italy Instituto per Geometra, Rome, Italy.

A man who craves for excellence in everything he does with a penchant for community and national service, he worked with the Federal Ministry of Works as a Land Officer between 1977 & 1979. He later delved into private sector upon returning from his higher education Italy, with his own company, NITAL international in 1986. A consummate entrepreneur, he brought his astounding experience and incredible expertise and ingenuity to the fore as he also set up NIMCO Construction Company Limited and NIMCO Dredging Company Limited, a few years later.

Despite his achievements and successes in business, he found it impossible to sit back and watch the tyranny unleashed on the country by the then Nigerian Military Government. He fought hard with others in the struggle for a free Nigeria. 

He had earlier participated in grassroots mobilization for the then NPN as a prominent youth group chairman during the second republic, but his defining moment in Nigeria’s politics however was during the emergence of the late MKO Abiola as President-elect under the defunct Social Democratic Party (SDP). 

He fought gallantly and relentlessly for the recognition of the mandate leading to his detention with other progressives throughout Gen. Sani Abacha’s regime and beyond and remained incarcerated and imprisoned long after the death of MKO Abiola despite the government of the day declaring that it had no politic prisoner in its custody.

While in prison, he honed his faith in God and the belief that the political space can be cleansed of charlatans and populated with progressives. He nursed both tenaciously all through his detention and hoped for a chance to be free and work towards his dreams.

True to his dreams and his personality, his come-back to the Nigerian political scene has been the stuff of legends, like an old wine in a new bottle; he pitched his tent with a party formed by a large chunk of his fellow progressives deeply rooted in Nigeria’s fight for democracy during the military era. The Alliance for Democracy (AD), the party that metamorphed into the AC, then ACN and today's APC.

His prison experience and the desire to touch the lives of the ordinary people on the street made him contest for the House of Assembly seat in 2003. Needless to say today that the manner of transformations he has brought to his people are the type achieved only by people-driven representation. 
Bayo Osinowo.

True his many legislative and political interventions, projects and empowerment, numerous lives are daily moved from nothingness to greatness. For one, he has brought an end to the litany of unfulfilled promises by those they have previously trusted with their votes. Ask his constituents about him and they will promptly tell that Hon. Osinowo is the epitome of unprecedented and qualitative representation.

Always conscious of his humble beginnings and the many struggles of his early life, his propensity for helping the poor and despondent not just in his constituency, but well beyond, is well documented. A philanthropist in every sense of the word, he would gladly spend on people and the causes important to them, anchoring his actions on the fact that only what you give truly belongs to you because it comes back and every life touched has a ripple effect in making society better.

Knowing there couldn’t be a better man for the job in order to instill the values of professionalism and discipline, the leadership of the house in its wisdom made him Chairman, House committee on Lands, considering his experience in the public and private sector. He worked hard with others within and outside government to make the city of Lagos is one of Africa’s fastest developing cities.

For his efforts, he won the award of Legislator of the Year of for 2011; the award for Excellent Performance on his reelection into the LSHA for the 4th consecutive term; the Exemplary Leader of the Year, 2014 in the legislative house and true son of Islam in recognition and appreciation of his commitment and interest in child education, amongst many more.

A light to his family and far beyond, he is married to the very delectable Mrs. Mariam Ayodele Osinowo and they’re blessed with 3 children.

A seasoned legislator he has remained unflinching in his promotion of the one-Lagos concept where everyone irrespective of class, creed or tribe is given an opportunity.

Today, after serving his constituency and indeed, the whole of Lagos state as a member of the state Assembly this seasoned lawmaker, a quintessential strategist, a political juggernaut, a leader of astounding personality, a democrat per excellence and a consummate entrepreneur, has been called upon to move ahead and offer yet another people-oriented leadership at a higher level. 

For a man whose politics has been nothing short of inspiring and life-touching, Hon. Sikiru Adebayo Oshinowo, as many here will no doubt agree with me, is obviously THE MAN FOR THE NEW TASK AHEAD.

Copied, but fine-tuned by me.