OSUN RERUN: Whichever Way, Here Is What I Believe Will Happen Tomorrow In Osun State.

The Contestants.

THE ANALYSIS: The highest number of votes that could be cast tomorrow is 2594 being the total number of PVCs collected.

There is a slight possibility that not all PVC holders would vote. 
Senator Ademola Adeleke has 353 votes advantage. 
Half of 2594 is 1297. Meaning that he needs 1298 votes to win. With 353 votes head start,  he needs 945 votes to be declared the winner.

Gboyega Oyetola on the other hand needs 1298 + 353 votes to win for a total of 1651 out of the outstanding 2594 votes.

Where ever Omisore chooses to go will help a little bit because his father is the village head of one of the polling units. But we must bear in mind that not even him won the elections in the areas, APC won. Why? The votes that would have naturally gone to PDP as a block were splitted between PDP and SDP.  
Adeleke' s running mate Hon. Albert Adeogun is from Ife as well.

Albert Adeogun,  Adeleke runningmate is the current member of the House of Representatives representing  Ife Central/East/North/South Federal Constituencies.  Meaning that 4 out of the current outstanding 7 polling units fall under his presentation. 

It makes sense why Omisore got more votes than him when he was a candidate, Ife people have been yearning to have an Ife indigene as the Governor.  Therefore, they would naturally prefer Governorship to Deputy Governorship. 
Now that Omisore is no longer on the ballot, why would they throw away Deputy Governorship away for Omisore individual interest?

Albert Adeogun is a stronger factor tomorrow than Omisore factor.  Omisore factor is exaggerated.