THE JOURNEY OF GRACE: The Eze Madumere’s Kind Of “Working Grace”.

Prince Eze Madumere.
Deputy Governor of Imo State.

“Today’s Judgment is victory for Constitutional Democracy, which negates Rule of Force and Dictatorship. I want to sincerely commend the Judiciary for her Courage despite all odds. Today’s judgment is historic and has re-invigorated the faith of our people in our Society”.

That was the opening remark of His Excellency, Prince Eze Madumere, Deputy Governor of Imo State over the court judgment in Imo State yesterday which nullified in totality, the impeachment carried out against his person by the Imo State House of Assembly led by Acho Ihim who was paid to supervise what the judge called, “NULL & VOID”.

Seeth thou therefore a man diligent in his work or ways? He shall stand before kings and not mere men. This is the story of Eze Madumere as he has in recent times, fought with what is more powerful than 12 lions put together and he has, as always, conquered.

First, he was reduced to almost nothing as Deputy Governor whose only function and activity was simply to represent the governor at functions or events as the case maybe  (which worked in his favour as majority of the goodwill he enjoys today came from what was seen as punishment for him by the governor), he has no functional office and was made to share an office space with the wife of the governor, his office was starved and practically made inactive and all funds diverted and channeled to those with family affiliations with the governor of the state with interest in taking over the state from Rochas Okorocha as their family inheritance.

In all these, his only offense according to Eze Madumere was that he stood by the people of Imo State and pleaded for the enthronement of justice, equity and fair play and the plot to have him out of office ensued but Grace came to his rescue and both the governor and his stooges at the state house of Assembly started out with committing constitutional sins against the Nigerian Constitution when they constituted a 7 man committee which were to look into issues raised by the governor against his deputy even when a court judgment was gotten against the constitution of that committee and the legality behind the action.

As that was ongoing, the law which stipulated how a Deputy Governor should be served an impeachment notice was again violated and they had him serviced through his Principal Secretary against the law, even with a judgment from a court of competent jurisdiction which ruled against the constitution of the committee in the first place and their action, they still went ahead to carry out the impeachment on the order of the Governor, Rochas Okorocha who was hell-bent on having Madumere removed as his Deputy.

Immediately the House of Assembly members succeeded in carrying out their unscrupulous act of impeachment, the governor swung into action and made preparations to have Mr. Calistus Ekenze sworn in as Deputy Governor, but was scattered with an interim order from a High Court in Owerri stopping the swearing in ceremony and until yesterday, the office of the Deputy Governor in Imo State has been hanging in the balance as the dictator governor of the state, Rochas Okorocha has been acting in his capacity as governor without a Deputy supposedly.

It is worthy of note that Owerri, the Imo State capital was agog with jubilation yesterday by thousands of Imolites after the news of the judgment by a state High Court judge, Hon. Justice Benjamin Iheka broke, rubbishing the impeachment of the Deputy Governor of Imo State, with women and men alike taking to the streets of Owerri to celebrate with the Deputy Governor and the power of Grace working for him.

What those pursuing Eze Madumere do not understand therefore is that in their bid to exterminate him and murder his political career in that state, they have by means of their recent actions succeeded in raising his profile, uplifting his personality in the state and helping to market him to the world against 2019.

In all of these, the popularity of the man, Eze Madumere has indirectly been catapulted by those who wished to murder him politically in Imo State, with every evil planned and planted against him turned in his favour with Grace shown by the number of Imolites who trouped out in their groups to celebrate the judgment by the Imo State High Court.

Whichever way this goes, things can only get better for Ndi-Imo with Ezeakonobi Madumere as governor as he has reeled his 7- Point Social Contract with Ndi Imo, which are anchored on the following:

1. Youth Empowerment: with a great drive based on Agricultural Revolution, Information & Communication Technology and Entrepreneurship across the 3 zones of the state. 

2. Massive Industrialization & Job creation with Foreign Partners and emphasis on local raw materials.

3. Recapturing our Educational systems with Effective Quality Assurance Mechanisms to uplift our higher Institutions to what it should be will be our main focus. 

4. Rebuilding our Health Sector with the assistance of Foreign Partners with emphasis on locally sourced personnel to avoid unnecessary medical pilgrimage abroad.  

5. Our Welfare and Social Amenities will be broadened to accommodate the contemporary world focus on Human development indices. The board of social amenities will be established to be more effective; to include all aspects of social welfare and provision of social amenities that have been neglected over the years.

6.  Enthronement of Rule of Law, Respect for the Constitutional Responsibilities of the Civil Service, Elders, Clergy and Traditional Institutions and their historical affiliations; will all be upheld as required. 

7. Re-engineering and Total Rehabilitation of Imo infrastructural facilities will be of paramount importance, every aspect of zeal will be made to return Owerri as the cleanest town and the State respectively in Nigeria.

Imo State can be better again under Eze Madumere as Governor of Imo State.