LAGOS EAST 2019: My Desire To Represent Lagos East Senatorial District Is Not An Ambition, But A Call To Service – Bayo Osinowo.

Hon. Bayo Osinowo.
Member, Lagos State House of Assembly.

The Senatorial aspirant for the Lagos East Senatorial District on the platform of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Hon. Bayo Osinowo opines that the driving force behind his desire to represent his people at the senate is that of SERVICE and not an ambition as there is nothing left to achieve politically by him that hasn’t been achieved in his many years of political sojourn.

According to him, “I have peace of mind knowing that I have done far better than I had anticipated while coming into active politics many years ago and I am proud to say that my desiring to move up the ladder of politics is to give more to my people through service delivery than an ambition, which is why this is not a do or die for me”.

“SERVICE DELIVERY” is my passion and everyone who knows and had related with me will tell you that Bayo Osinowo delivers and he never says things he has no intentions of fulfilling, which is why I am passionate about going to the SENATE and nothing more, than to bring the desired deliverable for my people in terms of projects and programmes that will help alleviate the challenges of my people in their deepest forms.

Therefore, I am resolute, Hon. Osinowo says, that whatever be the case, my people comes first and this is why my peace of mind is not shaken in any way at all. A lot of things has been said, speculated and published against me, my person and my desire to go to the Senate, but I am not in any way challenged over them because I believe the calling I have for this will sail through and this shall end well.

Hon. Bayo Osinowo spoke very candidly about his expectations from today’s Senatorial primaries which is ongoing and made it clear that just as Grace has seen his thus far in politics, making him a force to be reckoned with in not only the Lagos East, but in South-West in general, the same Grace will make today’s exercise end well.

You would recall that his detractors went to town a few days ago with fake news that his aspiration to veer for the Lagos East Senatorial ticket was being threatened by the inability of the party leadership in Abuja to screen him, which was debunked and today, he is slugging it out with other aspirants at the various centres where the primaries are taking place and it is expected that the election will end in victory.