GBADEBO RHODES-VIVOUR: The 35 Year Old Who Wants To Represent Lagos West In The Senate.

Mr. Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour.
Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour aka GRV aka is the hopeful Nigerian has emerged the Senatorial Cndidate of the PDP for Lagos West Senatorial district, the largest senatorial district in Nigeria.

At 35, he is the youngest senatorial candidate of the PDP.
GRV was born into the Rhodes-Vivour family of Lagos on the 8th of march 1983 to Barrister Olawale and Barrister Nkechi Rhodes-Vivour and married to Dr. Ify Aniebo Rhodes-Vivour, PhD.

GRV is an Architect, public policy specialist an Activist and a Politician.

After getting his Bachelors in Architecture from the University of  Nottingham, he worked in an Architectural firm in the UK before proceeding to get his masters degree at the Prestigious Massachusetts institute of technology MIT. 
The Igbo Man.
 During this time, he worked with both the American and Chinese government in relation to rebuilding New Orleans after hurricane Katrina and the Beijing Olympics respectively.  His thesis at MIT was on creating a network of waste pickers and recycling centers in Lagos, to turn waste in to a major income and employment source, for this thesis, he got a distinction.  

On the successful completion of his masters in 2008, he returned to Nigeria in 2009 where after his NYSC, he worked in Nigeria’s top architecture firms such as Consultants Collaborative Partnership (CCP) and Patrick Waheed consultants, before setting up his own firm to tackle the housing problem in Nigeria through the use of innovative and alternative construction methods to create affordable housing in Nigeria. He sits on the board of Alhuda construction Nigeria and the Delta international commercial City Ltd and also the founder of Spatial Tectonics.
The Yoruba Man.

A firm believer in social welfare, equity and justice, GRV just concluded his second Masters in Research and Public Policy, from the political science department of UNILAG.

He is a practicing architect, social activist and avid writer; known for his stand against GMO’s in Nigeria and his campaign to bring back “history” as a subject to Nigerian schools.

He is the youth of our dream, especially when the call for youth participation in politics is concerned as he desires to represent the biggest Senatorial district in Lagos, Lagos West in the Senate.

A tall order this might be or sound, as he is competing with incumbent that is very popular, but in politics, anything can happen.

We would bring you his agenda for the District as times go, hopefully looking forward to having him speak in details to us.