I Boarded A Different AirPeace Today By Lawyer, Ebun-olu Adegboruwa, Esq.


I was at the AirPeace counter today in Abuja. I had an Abuja-Lagos ticket for 5:50pm, but by 10am, I was already through with my schedules in Abuja. So I proceeded to the airport and straight to the AirPeace counter.

I met a very friendly, polite and courteous staff, who politely asked me for my flight details and thereafter offered me a 1pm flight to Lagos, for a few of N14,500.

At the boarding counter was another courteous man, who joked with me and gave me a seat and my boarding pass, promptly. He told me there were 14 seats left on that particular plane and I could choose any.

I checked in, but was still praying silently in my mind, that the “affliction” of delay will not arise a second time today.

I was there seated when boarding was announced! Is this AirPeace?

I jumped up and before I could say jack, we were already inside the plane, very cool and neat. The entire cabin members were smiling and very friendly indeed.

As I entered the plane, I was ushered to a seat around the emergency area where I could stretch my “short” legs and then relax and sit comfortably.

At this stage, I began to wonder: is this a set up? Am I being trapped or what? Well, I sat down and prayed and before I could open my eyes, the cabin crew was already preparing us for takeoff! Am I dreaming or what? AirPeace? 

The cabin crew were now urging on us to get settled and be ready for immediate departure! Is Boko Haram approaching Abuja, I asked myself, in total bewilderment. The crew was businesslike and before you could say jack, we were airborne.

It was reminiscent of a foreign trip indeed. Needless to say that the flight was peaceful, timely and we all arrived safely.

I will like to say a big thank you  to you all my friends that reached out to those concerned, flowing from my last ugly experience, especially Aunty Sola Salako Ajulo Uncle Babatunde Irukera and many others too numerous to mention.

I will like to say a big thank you to my friend, colleague and fellow “comrade”, Mr Chris Iwarah, who’s another Richard Akinola in the making. I commend AirPeace Airlines for listening to our cries and summoning all efforts to do it better. It can get even better, if we try harder. I’ve in the past had cause to commend the airline in my first flight experience to Akure through AirPeace, as I truly desire that this and all other airlines and local businesses should be encouraged and patronized to succeed, which was why I still bought AirPeace ticket, after that encounter.

Together, we can make Nigeria great.

NB: Now I do hereby appeal to you my valued friends, to help me share this piece more than the previous one, through your Facebook, WhatsApp and other platforms, so that FAAN, the Aviation Minister, Buhari and all those in authority may know, that Nigerians appreciate it when things are done properly, and so that they may all be encouraged to do more and take us to “... the Next ...? No be me talk am o! Na for TV I watch am fa!

God bless Nigeria.

Ebun-olu Adegboruwa, Esq