LAGOS EAST 2019: Bayo Osinowo Is One Legislator Whose Experience In Law-Making Is Needed In The Senate At This Point In Time —-APC’s National Legal Adviser, Tunde Ogala.

Bayo Osinowo & Tunde Ogala.

The National Legal Adviser of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Rt. Hon. Babatunde Ogala has come out in strong terms to defend the candidate of the party for the Lagos East Senatorial District, Hon. Bayo Osinowo who was his colleague at the Lagos State House of Assembly, between 2007 and 2011 saying that he is the best thing that will happen to not only the APC as a party, but to the 9th Assembly when constituted after the swearing in of President Muhammadu Buhari in 2019.

Speaking to someone who called to make enquiries aboug Party issues in Lagos, he said that Bayo Osinowo is one legislator whose pedigree no one can quantify as he knows his onions in Legislative matters, a bridge builder and a navigator of human beings.

I have worked with him and I can assure anyone who cares to know that Pepperito as we all call him, is one man who knows everyone and everything that needs to be known in the Lagos State House of Assembly, he knows when to talk and when to keep silence, he allows people express themselves and their potentials and above all, he is a good party man whose ‘’TRUST VALUE’’ is 100% active.

Bayo Osinowo May not talk too much, as not all human beings are created to talk, but his actions are far more productive that the spoken words of 10million people put together and in the Senate, our party, the APC is sure going to have a good time with him there.

You see my brother, Hon. Ogala continued, Bayo Osinowo is one of the best things that will happen to the 9th Assembly from Lagos State and this is not to say that those he is joining are not good as well, but his joining forces with the likes of Distinguished Senators Remi Tinubu and Olamilekan Adeola who represents Lagos Central and West respectively, I tell you, we are in for good business as the National Assembly.

You can go to the State Assembly in Lagos and ask questions. He is not hidden, even from the gates of the Assembly, immediately you mention his name, respect is accorded you by the security men and that is what I’m talking about.

You don’t have to be a loud mouth to be a Senator, what we want are action, action and action.

If you recall a certain Senator from Kogi State whose voice is louder than every Senator in the National Assembly but hasn’t done anything for his people since he got there. Is that the kind of Senator we all want?

How many times does Senator Remi Tinubu talk in the Chamber, but her constituents are enjoying her representation because she is representing them well. We don’t want a loud mouth without value, we want quality individuals, quality character and Bayo Osinowo is just the kind of man the 9th Assembly wants at this point in time.