Political Party Crisis In A Democracy Makes Politics Beautiful, Sweet & Enduring --- Bayo Osinowo.

Hon. Bayo Osinowo.
Candidate, Lagos East Senatorial Zone of the APC.

Member, Lagos State House of Assembly representing Kosofe State Constituency 1 and candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC for the Lagos East Senatorial District, Hon. Bayo Osinowo says that some of the few crisis rocking the APC right now is nothing new as that is how to know a party that is strong and has the right persons in its fold.

According to him, “How can there be total peace in a house with 10 children from even same parents”?  “There must be stubborn ones, very intelligent ones, outspoken ones, very quiet ones, fights, quarrels, but in all, they are family and they must stay together and conquer”, this is what politics is about and it can’t be new because it is APC.

He says: “It is natural politically to have crises. If you are a Christian who goes to church, all you will be hearing everyday is, My God is Good, My God is Good Always. If you go to the Mosque, the same thing, that is in religion. In politics, that is also the format, that is the system, a lot of problems here and there, disagreements here and there, that is the beauty of politics”.

What you people outside are looking at as problems is actually the beauty of politics, ability to contest, ability to say no, ability to disagree, ability to say, no, I won’t support you, ability to say, I will support you, you are not fit for the job, you Eze, go and collect form to contest tomorrow, then you see people accuse you of things you’ve never heard of before, then you will know you have enemies.

They will talk about you, your school mates in Primary School or even Nursery school will come out to accuse you of stealing a ruler that did not belong to you and because of that, you are not fit to hold public office. We are used to that, though it’s not funny, it is only funny to those who don’t understand the workings of politics and politicians, especially in Nigeria.

In my case, I have simply developed very thick skin to false accusations and I just allow things flow naturally, with the mentality that that which God has written concerning anything cannot be changed, regardless of what those who don’t like you would do to manipulate things their way or to make sure it doesn’t happen, but if it has been written, I relax and watch God perfect His plans. That’s my style and it has worked for me in times past and it won’t fail now and has not failed at all.