The “ETHNIC YOUTH LEADERS FOR PEACE IN NIGERIA” Challenges President Buhari On Campaign Promises, Questions The Rational Behind The “NEXT LEVEL” Mantra Of The APC.

 The Press Conference.
The leadership of the “ETHNIC LEADERS FOR PEACE IN NIGERIA” gathered recently in Abuja in a “MEET THE PRESS” event which was held to look into issues happening in Nigeria at the moment, especially ahead of the 2019 general elections.

According to the National President of the group, COMRADE EDEDE FRANKLINE (GCONY) aka CAPACITY, “We are all gathered here today on behalf of over 400 (Four hundred) ethnic Youth Groups in Nigeria covering over 40 million youths in Nigeria to use this World Press Conference to express our grave disappointment in President Mohammadu Buhari/APC administration for failing Nigerians in every way contrary to their promises for which Nigerians elected them into power in 2015”.

According to him, “When the APC government of President Muhammadu Buhari came in to power, prior to the 2015 general elections, they came with a slogan of “CHANGE” promising to change Nigeria and Nigerians for the better, but you and I would rather pray that we were taken back to where APC and President met us before taking over mantle of leadership in 2015. For the past years there has been no positive change to show Nigerians and the change mantra is no longer selling because it was conceived out of deception and lies, in order words, glaringly nothing good can truly come out of lies and self deceit”.

Furthermore, It is now very glaring to all that Buhari and APC have no ideas on how to run the government but only lies  to tell Nigerians, they left the "Change" mantra and are coming with another dead on arrival slogan “NEXT LEVEL” to deceive the innocent and unsuspecting Nigerians some of whom may not see the failure of this government based on sentiments and we must let the APC and Buhari government know that Nigerians cannot be fooled for the second time or succumb to their antics of intimidating Nigeria Youths in unwillingly voting them back to power come 2019, any attempt to rig or falsify the wishes and aspirations of oppressed and impoverished unsuspecting Citizens of Nigeria will be resisted with everything within the law on our displosal. 

COMRADE EDEDE FRANKLINE is of the opinion that Buhari/APC’s "NEXT LEVEL" of poverty, recession, hunger,  loss of lives and property, unemployment, disregard for Federal Character, skyrocketing unemployment, boko haram killings, Fulani herdsmen attacks on law abiding Farmers without any form of  arrest or prosecution and flagrant disrespect for rule of law which are the greatest forms of corruption. Can anyone sincerely convince any sane Nigerian that Nigerians have experienced any form of positive change since the inception of President Buhari/APC administration till date? President Buhari in his inaugural speech on the 29th May, 2015 deceitfully said and I quote “I am for everybody and I am for nobody”  , but we all seated here know that the whole of that is in the opposite. Suffice it to say that APC simply connotes "opposite of what they say" and can't be trusted any longer. 

According to him, We have never seen a president in the history of Nigeria like President Muhammadu Buhari who is so lopsided in appointing people to political office by giving almost 95% of the appointment to people from his geopolitical zone and religion in the country. Are others not Nigerians? Nigeria has never been this divided along ethnic and religious lines like we are experiencing under President Muhammadu Buhari administration today. CORRUPTION, El-Zazaki and wife:- N3.5M on monthly feeding can this be true? Prisoners were fed at the cost of N14,000 daily can this be true? Money made for IDPs were syphoned by former SGF Babachiru Lawal without prosecution. Abacha Loot- how much was recovered so far and how was the money spent? How much is EFCC able to recover so far?

Petroleum pump price increase, Electricity tariff increase, Kidnapping on the increase, Corruption on the increase, Flagrant disobedience/disregard to the rule of law/court orders, Wanton killing and destruction of lives and properties on the increase. Unprecedented corruption in the Military leadership with attendant high scale loss of lives of under-equipped soldiers to terrorists and bandits  (over 100 soldiers allegedly lost in a single recent report), Increasing spate of high tech and brazen election fraud for which most Nigerians have lost confidence in the Independent National Electoral Commission  (as exemplified by elections in Ekiti, Osun, Kogi, Katsina and kwara states), Boko Haram operation on the increase, Nepotism on the increase .

Nigeria are more divided than ever before along ethnic and religious lines
Nigeria became the poverty capital of the world, Failed promise.Yet to initiate and complete any project since inception, Price of Naira against the Dollar fall woefully, Food Prices in the market increased, Lopsided Government appointment. Neglect of Quota system, Tribal and religious sentiments, Full of deception and lies. Unemployment rate on the increase, Rise of Nigeria on corruption perception index (Transparency International), Bribery and corruption cases on the increase. Controversial WAEC certificate, Attack by Fulani herdsmen on communities/villages on the increase. 

WHY ATIKU IS THE BEST CANDIDATE FOR PRESIDENCY according the group, he is a detribalized Nigerian, has respect for the rule of law, Understand business dynamism and economic, An Experienced democrat, Has created hundreds of thousand employments in the past, Will create employments to millions of Nigerians, Will bring millions of Nigerians out of poverty, Will unite Nigerians across ethnic, cultural and religion lines, Will strengthen democracy and economic development and having painstakingly ex-rayed the policies, programs ,Administrative module and the irreversible woeful performance of APC and Buhari over the last three years, we the ETHNIC GRASSROOTS YOUTH LEADERS use this medium to advise President Buhari to honourably drop his unfavorable re-election ambition in the best interest of the generality of Nigerians. We had expected a public apology from APC and Buhari for deceiving and woefully failing Nigerians only for his unfortunate anti-people second term undeserving ambition to filter the air.

Consequently we most resoundingly adopt ATIKU ABUBAKAR as the best Candidate for 2019 Presidential election, going by what he, ATIKU ABUBAKAR represents and stands for. We believe in the UNITY and PROSPERITY of our great Country and we can't afford to sacrifice it on the alter of mediocrity and sentiment. We have decided to be vehement at this very pressing time because we have seen the criticality of the Nigeria State and have come with a courageous approach.