President Muhammadu Buhari.

You did not, cannot and will never create a REPLACEABLE EAR of a human being and you wished a WHOLE HUMAN BEING should die for what exactly?

Look, there is nothing wrong with not being a FAN of somebody, but hating the person to the extent of wanting him dead because he is your President is what I seriously cannot comprehend at all.

During the 2014/15 campaigns, the slogan then was that President Muhammadu Buhari would not live beyond a certain time, as though the lifespan of anyone is in their hands and I wondered why so, even after seeing people who said such things die before the Buhari, they still did not hear word.


He is not Buhari, he is another person superimposed on something and I ask myself WHY PEOPLE DO NOT GET TIRED OF FOOLISHNESS AND FOOLING AROUND? And NNAMDI KANU’s words are now yardstick for judging anything in Nigeria?

So now, what do you guys want us to do?

Believe with you that Muhammadu Buhari is not Muhammadu Buhari anymore or what exactly?

I was a fan of President Muhammadu Buhari in the last election, atleast, people knew my contributions then, which was why I ignored an Aide of Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State who ignorantly called me ‘’A WAILER’’ recently, but this time, I AM NOT PRONE TO HIM on personal grounds, but trying as little as to join forces to tarnish his image or reputation would be demeaning myself too, talk-more say that Buhari is not Buhari anymore because of whom I wish to support now? NO WAY.

AND.......What if at the end of the day, President Muhammadu Buhari wins the 2019 election through whichever means?

I am not and will never support evil against one, no matter how small, which is why when I look at people calling Atiku Abubakar names today, I shake my head in disbelief.

I know people who are being paid to held tarnish the image of Atiku Abubakar by writing trash about and against him, even when they, themselves do not believe some of the things they write against him, but because money had exchanged hands, they must be seen to be working for their pay, THESE SAME PEOPLE WHO ARE PAID TO WRITE WILL COME OUT AND WRITE THAT ‘’ATIKU ABUBAKAR’’ IS CORRUPT? CHAI, after collecting money? THIS IS WHY I AM DIFFERENT.

All I need from this government is, same way I demanded from Goodluck Jonathan’s Government in 2015, ‘’SHOW YOUR SCORE CARD’’. If you have performed, you don’t need to SEARCH ATIKU ABUBAKAR’s PRIVATE JET to humiliate him as your opponent, all Nigerians want now is, YOUR PERFORMANCE RECORD.

Why employ an attack dog like Festus Keyamo (WHOSE TRACK RECORD IS EVEN IN DOUBT) to help you spew trash against your strongest opposition, showing you are AFRAID OF YOUR OWN PERFORMANCE INDICES and if you weren’t, even when attacked, you show evidence of your work in office as response.

So, I am happy that gradually, Nigerians are waking up to the knowledge that the power to make or mare with our VOTES is in our hands and we can remove or retain whoever we please.

Good Morning Everyone.