UNILAG Withdraws Admission Of TWO STUDENTS For Trying To Deceive The School.

The University of Lagos, Unilag, today withdrew the admission already offered two students who tried to play on the intelligence of members of the Medical team overseeing the examination to determine the medical fitness of intending students of the institution.

Hell was however broken loose today when during the examination, two students who tried to compromise on their urine samples had their admission withdrawn immediately in the presence of other students waiting for their turn to be examined.

It is a norm for the school to ask that students going for the medical examination to submit samples of their raw urine for drug use testing, mental health, HIV, terminal illnesses etc, but these two supposed clever ones felt they could work on their urine by diluting them with water and presenting them as raw urine.

This incident inferiorated the examination board and immediately had their admission withdrawn.

What their dilution showed was that they were on drugs and needed to cover up their track with putting water so the instruments for the examination would not dictate their drug history, but how wrong they were as even a gallon of water could prevent the drug in their systems from getting noticed.

This is a good development as alot of the students who came for the test became more alert and I sure know that those with drug history would find their way home after seeing what happened to their mate.

UNILAG is seriously raising the stakes in quality education in Nigeria as nothing passes them at all.