WAHALA DEY: As Extremely Big-Breasted Actress, Cossy Orjiakor Says She’s Going Back To Music Six Years After.

Cossy Orjiakor.
Well, when I got wind of this news, the first thing that came to my mind was:--with which voice will Cossy Orjiakor sing with and for whom will she sing for in an industry that is fully saturated with young and very vibrant musicians that there is no more space to accommodate the show of only MASSIVE BREASTS without a good voice to support them.

I mean, what exactly is Cossy Orjiakor looking for Six years after she dumped music, to want to come back and begin from where? In one of her posts on Instagram she wrote:, “ My mood right now… Been stressed out …. And my music video shoot is next week… I need some tender loving care.”

In another post, the mother of “JANE & JANET”, which are the names she calls her two big breasts, wrote again:- Last night…. Went out just to see Denrele and specially invite him to my music video shoot…” From the foregoing, it’s obvious that Cossy is putting finishing touches to her new single, even though she’s keeping it under wraps.

Recall that the busty actress  launched her first 15-track album including “You Want Me” and ‘’You and Me on December 15, 2012, after which she disappeared into thin air to focus on the showcase of her big breasts to the whole world.