TONTO DIKE to PATIENCE OZOKWOR: Your View On Christian Appearance Is Polluting The Word Of God.

Tonto Dike & Patience Ozokwor.

Your View On Christian Appearance Is Polluting The Word Of God: Tonto Dike Battles Patience Ozokwor Over Christian Appearance And Practices.

I had always had my reservations about the recent claim by Nollywood Actor, Patience Ozokwor, popularly called, Mama G’s claim to have given her life totally to God, therefore her change of physical appearance.

What worries me more is the fact that the same woman who claims to have changed would still wear all the makeup, earrings, lipsticks, eye-pencils, etc when she is given s script, questioning her calling or claim to have changed from her old ways.

Recently on a LIVE CHAT on her Social Media platform, Patience Ozokwor justified her change of appearance with these:“The church is separate from the world. Let us know who you are. If you have repented and you have not changed your wardrobe, you still have a long way to go.”

But one actor who couldn’t take the show of hypocrisy by Patience Ozokwor was controversial Tonto Dike who got very irritated and took a very strong stand against Mama G’s opinion.

Tonto Dike says; “With all due respect mama, biko run your race, salvation is personal and it’s not sin in the bible. It’s this local way of viewing Christianity that actually corrupts the house of God with polluted message.”

Furthermore:“Too much love for you mama but ya WRONG, If anyone decides to serve God in Rags, designer’s, hair or no hair knock yourselves out.”