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Rochas Okorocha & Eze Madumere.

Pride, according to the Holy Bible, is a personal acquired disease capable of destroying a KING in no small measure.

Prior to election preparations, the Imo state Governor, Rochas Okorocha had boasted how he would retire some notable and critical stakeholders in the state not knowing that the game plan would burmarang.

The story of Governor Okorocha's pride and "okwu njakiri" to retire his Senior colleagues could be likened to Chief Osadebe's proverbial lyrics of "Inine and Agadi Nwanyi", the whole story comes in another bulletin. 

Governor Okorocha through his spokesman, Ichie Sam Onwuemeodo struggled to present Eze Madumere is an ingrate, Izunaso as selfish, Uwajumogu as ungrateful, Uzodinma as a Stranger, Toe Ekechi as Imerienwe jamboree town crier while Araraume as a desperate bunch in search of a mushroom party to test his capacity.

Owelle as he was fondly called boasted that APC cannot accommodate the above mentioned, saying that the party belongs to him having been part of the founders. 

They made us to believe that Owelle is the father and LANDLORD of APC in the southeast and therfore, no one could stop him. Now, they are all in a mushroom party. The acclaimed Landlords are abandoning the Estate for a “Stranger”. Dear Karma, iwu ezigbote bitch inugo. 

While the fight was on against H/E Prince Eze Madumere, they called him an ingrate and other sorts of names. They told us how Owelle picked him (A Prince) from the gutters and made him this and that. 

I quickly reminded them the possibility that Eze Madumere may have been Owelle’s planner and, or executioner. I told them that though, Okorocha may have had the nwa jai (Small money) to execute the plans before he met Madumere, but may not be the one with the plans and may not equally be the one plotting the graphs and executing the plans in and around the Joint Venture. They all came for my stubborn head. Today, result akpolanu. 

In 2011, H/E Madumere was detained for, and in place of Okorocha, because he knew the implication of that on their mission should Okorocha go in. He took the responsibility, gave himself up and didn’t capitulate. Only few people can take up such a task. Owelle this, Owelle that; immediately Madumere left Owelle, both Rescue Mission and Rochas Political Empire crumbled like the Biblical Ngbidi Jericho. 

The two court actions that secured victory for the Coalition against Agburu, all were Madumere’s strategic approach. The supposed impeachment, Madumere thwarted it. Umunne’m how many lions will one kill before we call him OGBUAGU?

It is now obvious that Madumere has been Okorocha’s Chief master planner and executioner all along. It appears Okorocha may have succeeded all these while riding on Madumere’s grace and strategies. 

Sometimes in life, God may be blessing you because of someone close to you. Someone may be the light lightning up your gloomy/ dark paths without your Knowledge. The Biblical Book of Genesis, proved this, as transpired between Abraham and Lot. Some people come into your life and great things will begin happen. Such people are with grace and brighter stars, don’t ever hurt or take them for granted.

Okorocha ungratefully destroyed the same house he gathered labourers to build while he had little, all in the quest to make himself Oga kpatakpata. As a team commander, what exactly informed his idea to execute all the soldiers he led to training in preparation for war? Can he now fight this battle alone?

How exactly did he forget the likes of Prince Eze Madumere, Hon. Toe Ekechi, Sen. Ben Uwajumogu, Chief Hilary Eke, Sen. Osita Izunaso, Sir Jude Ejiogu, Prof. Anwuka, Hon. Mathew Omegara, Hon. Uche Onyeguacha and others who led APC to victory in 2015? How did he forget he couldn’t have done it alone? 

It is obvious the “Youth O’clock” mantra is a deceit, but it would have worked for him if there’s no sentiment attached to it. Are there no Rescue Mission compliant, solid, well read and well experienced Youths from Owerri Zone? Sometimes I just wonder what led him to this temptation. With an Owerri zone candidate, he would have been sleeping by now, at least with one eye.

Will the promoters of APC/Agburu now promote APC for Okorocha and at the same time, Promote ACTION ALLIANCE (AA) for Chief Nwosu? Tomorrow will decide. This present APC Exco will either pledge loyalty to the Party’s candidate and remain inactive or give way for another Exco. Between the devil and deep blue sea. 

The truth is, many will move from Agburu to Coalition. I am yet to know why any Coalition member will move to A.A. This is the difference between Child Dedication and Child Baptism. 

After this election, our dear Governor will definitely understand the importance of elites and stakeholders in a state. No matter how you hate them, ana enwe obodo enwe. I wish him luck but is it still too late for Governor Okorocha to apologize to the above before he fails his Senatorial bid in 2019?

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