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LAGOS 2019: Babajide Sanwo-Olu, Ndi-Igbo & The Voting Of The Wrong Candidate In Lagos.

Babajide Sanwo-Olu.
UGO CHINYERE EZE of Ndigbo in Lagos.

The recent endorsement of the Governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC in Lagos, Hon. Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu by the entire Igbo Communities living and doing business in Lagos on the 16th of December, 2018 at an elaborate event, came to many people, especially, the major opposition parties in Lagos, as a rude shock, going by occurrences in previous elections in the state where SENTIMENTS were placed above reality as though the opposition parties in Lagos had magic to perform when they get into office.

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP and its PERPETUAL Governorship candidate, Jimi Agbaje had always played the tribal card to Igbos in Lagos. During the periods he had contested for the highest seat in Lagos, claiming to have what it takes to move or replace the original owners of the land, maybe, with Igbos and possibly change his name from Jimi Agbaje, to maybe Jimeofor Agbajioku, all in his bid to woo the uninformed to his side, but still, he kept loosing.

In 2011, Jimi Agbaje visited and canvassed for the support of the Igbos in Lagos, he lost that election, after which he lost touch with them, neither did he return back to say “THANK YOU” for the support they gave him.

And in 2015, he was out again in their faces, this time, canvassing more than ever before, especially after a statement credited to the Oba of Lagos became an issue, Jimi Agbaje felt that was his time to utilize the bad press to his advantage and off he went, going from one Igbo meeting to another, talking and sweet-mouthing them, making promises that even a ten year old would know were all lies to get them on his side, and ofcourse, he didn’t win that election, yes he didn’t win because Lagos and her citizens were wiser and could not be overtaken by the desperation of one man whose agenda was to grab power and then, start turning back the hands of time in the development plan of Lagos that has gone beyond even his analogue thinking.

One thing I have come to understand about politics and the people who play the game involved with it is that, once you start playing the tribal and religious drum over a long period of time, same people you are trying to appeal to will start asking if there is no other songs available other than tribe and religion. You don’t play on the intelligence of people for too long, especially when they know exactly the type of rhythm the song you are bringing to them would have and so, before you start, they’ll ask “WHAT IS IT AGAIN”?

So, the endorsement and the conferment of the chieftaincy title of “UGO CHINYERE EZE” by the entire Igbos living in Lagos is a sign to show where the direction for the 2019 governorship election in the state is headed, even though we know how some of the Igbo people behave when it comes to voting.

It is no longer news therefore that the candidate of the PDP has in the past disappointed the Igbos, who after gathering them, making them gigantic promises, would abandon them after he loses, making them spare tyres or use-and-dump kind of tribe, never returning and in another “FOUR YEARS”, he is back to seek their help for another election.

The question on the lips of everybody, including myself who is Igbo is, “WHY REDUCE YOURSELVES TO A MERE POLITICAL USE & DUMP PEOPLE WHEN YOU HAVE AN ALREADY EXISTING STRUCTURE THAT HAS ACCOMMODATED YOU AND GIVEN YOU SOME SENSE OF BELONGING”?. In this Lagos, Igbo sons have been appointed into various offices, at different levels, some have also been elevated through the instrumentality of the National Leader of the APC, Asiwaji Bola Ahmed Tinubu and we are still not satisfied?

We, the Igbos in Lagos have forgotten that our votes alone cannot make anyone GOVERNOR, as there are other tribes resident here, such as the Hausa Communities, Niger-Delta, the Middle-Belt and therefore must align with the ruling party, a party that has in the last 19 years of the administration started with Tinubu as governor, Fashola, now to Ambode and in 2019 to Babajide Sanwo-Olu, ignored other tribes in the sharing formula and recognized just the Igbos and yet, my people still complain?.

No other tribe or non-indigenous community complains the way the Igbos do and though we must agree with the fact that their numbers maybe more, but on a scale of measurement, the shocker maybe severe to ignore as the other tribes put together will out-number the Igbos and yet, these other tribes neither complains, nor revolts.

So, the advice here would be for Igbos to unitedly consolidate on their endorsement of Babajide Sanwo-Olu, candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, and not play the politics they are known for, reneging at the last minute to follow an already expiring political product, who can never win an election, including that of counselorship, in the Lagos of today, even if he is the candidate of 100 political parties put together.

This is the time to fully make Lagos ours, own her through the ballot and work for her progress in all ramifications with the choice of Mr. Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu, who is the game change in this current dispensation and prove that of a truth, he is “UGO CHINYERE EZE” of Lagos.


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