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My Take On The “Ogwashi-Uku Dam Project” By Ken Eneduwa.

President Muhammadu Buhari & Ken Eneduwa-George.

The function of a Dam is connected to its purpose. So, in order to give the President a benefit of doubt, I painstakingly took a trip to my hometown, to see the true position of work done on the Dam.

The Ogwashi-Uku Dam was purposely built to provide water for human consumption, as well as to generate power. So, I stand by my earlier position that the Ogwashi-Uku Dam project in general has not been completed as regards the purpose for which it was built. The project as at this present, has not gone 'much' beyond the level it was a few years back. 

Till date, my people still buy water from commercial water tankers.

A reasonable amount of work has been done on the project. I was informed that the installation of electricity turbine of the second phase of the project has been transferred to the Power - though I was not able to confirm this bit of information from any source. 

I noticed the spillway to channel excess water has been done,  solid barrier constructed to raise the water level on one end. The drainage for the staff quarters has also been done.
The road leading to the Dam needs urgent rehabilitation.

For the Ogwashi-Uku Dam project to be said to be 'near' completion for the purpose it was built, a turbine house needs to be built, turbine installed and water connection reticulated.

The Dam at present, has no water treatment plant - this needs to be addressed. Information has it that the Delta state government is responsible for the water treatment aspect of the project. 

There is a need to 'asphalt' the road, and also do the landscaping of the staff quarters. 

In conclusion, 
The inclusion of Ogwashi-Uku Dam project as one of the completed projects (in 2018) of the current administration leaves a lot to be desired, if we put in perspective the purpose the Dam was intended to achieve.

I implore everyone to let wise counsel prevail at this time.

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